Happy 60th Birthday Messages

60th Birthday Wishes – Happy 60th Birthday Messages

60th Birthday Wishes: There is no doubt in one’s mind that the 60th birthday is a very special occasion for his or her life. Spending 60 years and gaining so many experience and moments to think about, the birthday is something that everybody should celebrate in a great manner. But what is more important than celebrating a party? Yes, wishing is always important. Whether it is your friend, dad, mom or any other dear ones, you need to wish in a classic manner. Well, we will not say he/she is old, but he/she is classic. So, when you don’t know how you will react to him/her and send your love, you are confused. So, to help you with the matter we have compiled some birthday messages to give you a good idea that how you will take the approach.

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes

Wishing you a great and joyful 60th birthday. May all your dear ones stay by your side on this beautiful event.

I think your 60th birthday will be the best birthday you will ever have in your life. Enjoy the day like never before.

Sending you the best wishes on your 60th birthday. May your children and grandchildren always get to know how wonderful a person you are. A great family member and a great friend.

60th Birthday Quotes

Happy 60th birthday, wishing your birthday becomes just as wonderful like a person you are. Have a nice day!

Celebrating the 60th birthday of your life. Well, happy birthday. May you have the time to reflect the past experience of your life and get a good smile on your face tomorrow.

May your 60th birthday be the best one you ever had. Surrounded by the people who love and cherish you, the event is sure to be memorable.

Your 60th birthday is a big milestone for you. This is the time where you can enjoy all your moment and get to know what a wonderful life you had.

Getting onto the 60th birthday doesn’t mean you are getting old. Rather you are getting wiser to your grandchildren. Make sure you memorize those fairy tales. Happy 60th birthday.

60th Birthday Wishes for Dad

A happy 60th birthday dad. When I was a child, I have always looked up to you. Now you are 60 and still, I look up to you.

Dad, happy 60th birthday. You were always the one to bring the best cake for me. Now the time has changed, I am the one to do so. Hope, you are just as happy like I was back then.

Happy 60th birthday dad! Just to let you know that I love you a lot. You are the only person who made me what I am now.

You were always there for me and the only person who ever believed in me. Happy 60th birthday dad! Always stay there for me.

Happy 60th birthday dad! There was a time you were busy and now I am the busy one. So, we never got to spend quality times. But I really need to spend a little more time with you.

Every dad deserves to spend the 60th birthday in a grand style. Well, now you will spend it in a grand manner. Happy 60th birthday dad.

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60th Birthday Wishes for Mom

Happy 60th birthday mom. Try not to worry about the gray hairs for a bit. Let’s just enjoy the times for a while.

You have caught a lot of wrinkles on that face. But these lines make you more beautiful. As if you are always smiling. Happy 60th birthday.

60th Birthday Messages for Mother

Happy 60th birthday super mom. You have done a lot for us. Now we really need to focus on you.

Knowing your mom, you are still going to do all the caring you do for us. You really are a supermom. Happy 60th birthday.

Well, you are getting a lot of wrinkles and gray hairs right now. They look so good anyway! Hope you get a lot more when you are 70. Happy 60th birthday mom.

Guess what your grandchild’s think about your gray hair. They think that it is the highlight of all your wisdom. Haha! Happy 60th birthday mom. Wish you have the best birthday ever.

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60th Birthday Wishes for Husband

My life has blessed me with a lot of things that I never dreamt of. Thanks for being in those dreams my love. Happy 60th birthday.

You are such a wonderful husband to be around. May you get to stick around for a few more years so that we can explore new places and enjoy the sweetest moments of our lives. Happy 60th birthday dear.

Time has changed your hair to gray. Your face is curled with wrinkles. But the love I have for you have never changed. Happy 60th birthday dear.

Time sure does flies. Now you are 60 and still, you love me like the young good old days. Happy 60th birthday my love.

We both were crazy at times. But you were always the one to create all the moments. Thanks for being such a great husband. Happy 60th birthday.

Just as I said, when you are 60, I will make you a special cake. Now, happy 60th birthday my dear. The cake is on the way!

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60th Birthday Wishes for Wife

Back then I was busy with my work and you were whining. Now, you are busy with your grandchildren and I am whining. Well, what can I do? Happy 60th birthday my love.

Even at 60, you make sure the family is complete every single day. Well, I am lucky to have a wife like you. Happy 60th birthday.

60th Birthday Messages for Wife

Thanks for taking good care of me all these years. The more I see you, the more I fall for you. Happy 60th birthday.

Well, no need to be grumpy about your gray hair and wrinkles. They look great on you. At least I have no problem. Happy 60th birthday.

A happy 60th birthday to the very special woman who can make my heart beat like a drum.

Many birthdays have come and gone. But the more I think, a wife like you is one of a million. I think about it in all your birthday. Happy 60th birthday my love.

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60th Birthday Wishes for Friend

I was just thinking; we are just becoming a good pair of old friends. I am happy to have you as a friend. Happy 60th birthday old mate.

This world is always a better place to have you around as a friend. Happy 60th birthday. Let’s reach the 70th. Till then we can have a game of chess.

I have been there when you had the hardest times of your life. Now, you are enjoying all the fortune you deserve. May a fabulous person like you deserve the best of your times. Happy 60th birthday.

To tell you the truth, 60 looks good on you. You look more like a wise old fool! Haha! Happy 60th birthday old chap.

I am really lucky to have a great friend like you. Sorry, I couldn’t join the party, but sending my love for you. Here’s a glass for your good health. Happy 60th birthday.

Thanks for being a dear friend to me. Wishing you stay on for many more years to make us laugh at hard times. A happy 60th birthday and time for you to laugh on our jokes.

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The 60th birthday is always a special one for anybody. Whether it is a good friend, your supportive father, mother or your spouse. Wishing them in a good manner, and sending your love and blessings is very much important. To help you with the situation we have compiled some sample of inspirational, romantic, emotional and funny 60th birthday wishes and messages to just provide ideas. Hope, this compilation will help you in many ways.