Wedding Anniversary Invitation Messages

Anniversary Invitations: Marriage is a special relationship that holds together two people for their lifetimes. That’s why anniversaries are worth celebrating. By celebrating wedding anniversaries, people remember that beautiful and warm moment of their life when they made a promise to live his/her life with their significant other. If your marriage anniversary is around the corner and you are searching for invitation messages for inviting your close persons, we are here for you. We have a great compilation of anniversary invitation messages and wording ideas. If you are the couple celebrating the anniversary or you are inviting on behalf of your parents, we have every type of anniversary invitation wording here.

Wedding Anniversary Invitation Messages

We are celebrating our wedding anniversary this Sunday. Please come and have fun with us.

We arranged a small party to celebrate my wedding ceremony. You are invited.

In honor of our (_) year of marriage, we would like to welcome you to join us for a special evening. We’ll celebrate our wedding anniversary at (location) on (date). Your love, prayers and support are much valued!

Casual Anniversary Invitation

We have arranged a party to celebrate our wedding anniversary. You are cordially invited with your whole family.

We decided to celebrate the day we became one. So please come and celebrate our love.

Nothing can be compared to the love shared by a married couple. We warmly welcome you to join us as we mark the beginning of another year in our happy conjugal life.

Dear, Finally the day has come again. It’s our wedding anniversary. I hope you will join us on our special day and make this day more beautiful.

I am inviting you to be part of our wedding anniversary party. Come and enjoy yourself with us.

I am cordially inviting you to my wedding anniversary. Your presence is appreciated.

I am inviting you to my wedding anniversary this weekend. Please be a part of our celebration.

Formal Anniversary Invitation

Today we are so excited to invite you to join us and share in our happiness as we celebrate our wedding anniversary. It will be a pleasure for us to have you on this momentous occasion.

I am requesting you to join me on my wedding anniversary. Thank you.

I would like to invite you to my wedding anniversary party this weekend. Please come with your full family and have a good time with us.

1st Anniversary Invitation Message

The exciting first-year journey has come to an end. Let’s toast a year of shared happiness and joy in our strong and enduring marriage. You all are welcome to attend the celebration.

Without the other, one is incomplete, yet together they last forever. Please share in the joy of the first wedding anniversary of (name) and (name), and send your best wishes their way!

1st Anniversary Invitation Message

We smiled, and a whole year had gone by. We’re throwing a little celebration to honor our love. I really appreciate your time and hope you would come by to extend your best wishes.

Today, we rejoice by binding our souls along with undying love and bestowing onto each other every possible blessing. We would love you to join us in celebrating our wedding anniversary.

This memorable first year has shown us how wonderful a couple we can be. You are cordially invited to share in our joy and to bestow upon us your enduring blessing.

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25th Anniversary Invitations

It’s my 25th wedding anniversary. Come and be a part of our celebration.

We are having a small party on the occasion of our 25th anniversary. Come and have dinner with us.

25th Anniversary Invitations

Our 25th anniversary won’t be fulfilled without your presence. So join us for a fun-filled evening.

We are celebrating 25 years of togetherness. Come and join us at our anniversary party and be part of our happiness.

25 winters have passed in the blink of our eyes. To celebrate our love, we have arranged a small party. I hope you will come and give us your warm wishes.

Let us recall and honor the (_) year wedding anniversary of our parents as a unit, for whom no amount of wealth or gems could ever be sufficient. Come along with us to make it even better!

The nature of genuine love is a secret seen only by a few. But on the joyous event of our parent’s anniversary, which falls on (_), you may catch a glimpse of it. Come and liven things up by collaborating alongside!

50th Anniversary Invitations

In celebration of our 50 years marriage anniversary, we have arranged a party to spend time with our friends and family. Please be a part of our celebration.

This 50 years of the journey wasn’t easy at all, but you were always there as a well-wisher. You are most warmly invited. Thank you.

Finding the right one to spend the rest of your life with is a blessing. Love is the reason we keep going, no matter what else happens. Please join us in honoring our parents’ anniversary, who have always set a wonderful example for us.

50th Anniversary Invitations

A small party is arranged to celebrate 50 years of married life. Please join us.

Me and my husband are arranging a party for our 50th wedding anniversary. Your presence is appreciated.

I am sending you and your family a warm invitation to our 50th anniversary celebration. In good and bad times, we want you to join us as we celebrate our wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Invitation from Children

I would like to invite you to my parent’s anniversary this Sunday. You are warmly invited.

You are cordially invited to my parent’s wedding anniversary. Please come and give them your best wishes.

Anniversary Invitation from Children

My warm greetings to you. Please come and be a part of my parent’s wedding anniversary party.

We are arranging a small party for our parent’s wedding anniversary this weekend. I hope you will come and be a part of the celebration.

Finally, our parents’ wedding ceremony is near the corner and we are planning a surprise anniversary party. Please join us and have a fun time with us.

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Wedding anniversary is a special occasion but celebrating with our close persons made this occasion more meaningful. If you are searching for invitation wording for your or your parent’s wedding anniversary, consider sending these wedding anniversary invitation messages to your friends and relatives. Send your close ones these warm anniversary invitation messages. It will make them feel valued.