Baptism Invitation Messages and Wordings

Baptism is a very special occasion and holds great importance in one’s life. The occasion holds great importance as everyone welcomes the newest member to Christ’s family and blesses him/her. It is very important to send some baptism invitation messages while inviting people to a baptism ceremony. Post the invitations on social media or even send out as text messages. It is a very special event for the one getting baptized. So, sound more cheerful and down to earth while inviting the guests. Here are some baptism invitation messages for you to pick!

Baptism Invitation Messages for Baby Boy

You are invited to join (baby’s name) as he is celebrating his baptism on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue). Lunch will be served at (family name) house, (address).

Dear God called our little prince and asked to serve him; please join the baptism ceremony of our beloved son on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue).

Our baby (name) requests you all to be present on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue) for his baptism ceremony. Dinner will follow at his residence (address).

we're pleased to invite you to our son's christening

Please join us for the baptism ceremony of our prince (baby’s name) on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue). Lunch on the (family name) house, please drop by the ceremony.

We’re pleased to invite you to our son’s christening. Let’s make this day memorable for him with your presence.

Our baby boy was summoned by God himself to serve as a Knight! Please join our baby’s baptism ceremony on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue).

As our sweetheart’s baptism ceremony is arranged on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue), we want your presence wholeheartedly. Refreshment following the ceremony at the (family name) house. (Address)

As God has blessed us with such an amazing child, we are arranging a baptism ceremony for him on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue). Please come by and join the holy motive.

We are sending you a special invitation to name our child. Can’t wait to celebrate together!

With great joy, we invite you to witness our son’s baptism. Your attendance at this joyous occasion would complete our happiness.

We are giving (baby’s name) back to Lord by arranging a baptism ceremony on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue). We invite you to be there and bless the child with your presence.

Christening Invitation for Baby Boy

On (day), (date)- we place our beloved son (baby’s name) in Christ’s care forever. Please help us welcome him to Christ’s family. Refreshment will be provided after the ceremony at the house (address).

On (day), (date) at (time) at (venue), please join us for the baptism ceremony of our darling son. We will be really thrilled to have you among us.

Hey there! Guess what? Our son is being baptized! We are throwing a super fun celebration and would love for you to join us.

You are invited to attend the baptism of our son. Let’s gather him up and shower him with love and blessings as he takes his first steps into the world of faith.

Baptism Invitation Messages for Baby Girl

We are looking forward to your presence in our beloved daughter’s baptism. This would mean so much to us! Please come and bless our daughter on this holy moment.

Please join us in celebration for our daughter (name)’s baptism on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue). We look forward to having you at the house.

On the joyous moment of our daughter’s baptism, we invite you to join her precious moment on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue). Hope to see you there.

Celebrate with us as we christen our dear daughter. Your blessing will be a part of her journey forever.

celebrate with us as we christen our dear daughter

Our beloved daughter (name) will be baptized on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue). We would really love it if you join us!

A special celebration for our special baby girl’s baptism which is going to be held on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue). Please join us and make the celebration fulfilled.

Get ready to dance, laugh and celebrate as we name our little angel. Your presence will make this day even more special.

Join the (family name) on the celebration of our little angle (baby’s name) on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue). Take care and drop by please.

Please join us for the baptism of (baby’s name) on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue) and make everything merrier and happier than ever.

Please join us for the baptism of our sweet little (baby’s name) on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue). Lunch on to follow at our house (address).

Christening Invitation Messages for Baby Girl

With joy in our heart, we invite you to the baptism of our sweetheart (baby’s name) on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue)! Please join us and bless our little darling.

Hello dear, we request you to join us on our baby girl’s baptism on (day), (date) at (time) at (venue) and make the celebration more glamorous than ever.

Hooray, its time to name her! Share joy, love, and eternal smiles as we welcome our daughter into the world of blessings.

As we baptize our daughter, we warmly invite you to share our happiness on this beautiful occasion.

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As you are joyfully bringing your son/daughter into the love and grace of God, be extra nice while inviting people. Ask for their valuable time and blessing while inviting them to the event. The message should be very clear and detailed with the information such as where it is going to be held or if there’s refreshment or not. Ask them to bless the little girl/boy, ask them to guide to child towards the light. Baptism is a celebration which stays very close to the heart and is celebrated in the presence of family and friends. So, invite them with an invitation message that will make their heart warm.