Birthday Prayers For Myself To Thank God

Birthday wishes from others are surely pleasing, but we often forget that birthdays are also about self-love and reconnecting with or Creator. After all, God is the one who has lovingly created us, and we must spare a few minutes on our birthday to pray to Him. Some spiritual prayers to yourself would also calm your mind.

We have a collection of thoughtful self birthday prayers right here. Our compilation includes both generic and religion-based prayers, with options for Christians and Muslims. Read on to make your big day extra special!

Touching Birthday Prayer For Myself

Dear God, you have been my savior and provider for as long as I have lived. On this birthday, please bless me so that I can stay devoted to you forever.

This birthday is another fresh opportunity that God has given me. May I make the best use of this opportunity and become a better person.

Lord, as I celebrate my birthday, I pray that You grant me good health, happiness, and strength to overcome any challenges that come my way. Amen.

birthday prayer message for myself

Dear God, I pray for peace and joy to fill my heart on my birthday. Thank You for all the blessings and for being with me every step of the way. Amen.

Nobody knows my prayers better than you, my Lord. Please allow me to stay on your path and live a glorious life from this birthday on.

Heavenly Father, as I blow out the candles on my birthday cake, I pray for Your grace and mercy to surround me. May Your love and blessings be with me always. Amen.

Thank you for keeping me alive, dear Almighty. May you give me good health and a good life, and strengthen my trust in you.

God, I’m praying to you on my birthday, begging you to forgive my sins and increase my wisdom. Your mercy is what I believe in the most.

Dear Almighty, on my birthday, I pray for blessings in my life and in the lives of those I love. May your light bring me joy, love, and good health.

As I enter another year of my life, please purify my soul and cleanse me of all the wrongdoings. Bless me so that I can be a righteous soldier of yours.

There is nothing I want more than being closer to you, dear God. Please answer this prayer on my birthday.

From this birthday on, may my judgement become clear and may I always choose the path of truth. May God’s directions always be there to guide me.

My merciful Lord, please protect me from all the evils and keep me safe in your hands. Bless me with a long and peaceful life.

Dear God, please keep your face shining upon me and allow me to be in the right path forever. May your blessings accompany me throughout life.

Happy Birthday to me! Today, I pray for laughter that melts away shadows and love that warms every corner of my life.

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Short Birthday Prayer For Myself

Lord, please bring my heart closer to you and fill it with peace.

Dear God, thank you for another year of life. I am grateful for all the blessings.

May God’s divine presence continue to brighten up my world.

God, I pray that you will continue to keep me healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

Thank you Lord, for the laughter, the lessons, and the love. Happy Birthday to me!

short birthday prayer for myself

Dear God, bless me on my birthday and every day.

Lord, I ask for your wisdom and guidance as I enter another year of life.

My life is a miracle created by God and I’m thankful for it.

Allow me a good birthday and a great life, dear Almighty.

Birthday wish: To live a year worthy of your love, God. Amen.

Dear God, open my heart to receive your blessings, big and small.

Birthday Prayer Message For Myself Thanking God

Thank you for another year, Lord. May I walk it with grace and lots of gratitude.

Thank you God, for this beautiful life and for all the mercies you have showered upon me. Even on the days ahead, I know you will choose only what is best for me.

You have allowed me to live another wondrous year, and I thank you from the deepest core of my heart. Please keep me in your loving hands, my Lord.

On this birthday, I’m kneeling down in gratitude towards you, dear God. Thank you for the magical life you’ve given me.

Happy birthday to me. The life God has given me is so precious, and I will always be thanking Him for it.

Dear God, thank you for another memorable year

Dear God, thank you for another memorable year. All that I am is because of you, and I bow to you only.

For the laughter that chased away tears and the dreams that kept me reaching, I thank God for all the things! Happy Birthday to me!

Older, wiser (hopefully!), and always guided by your light. You have nurtured me into a bloom, radiating strength and kindness. Thank You, God!

With each milestone, I see Your hand in my victories and Your presence in my struggles. Thank you, God, for being my constant. Happy Birthday to me!

As I celebrate my birthday, I thank you for the greatest gift, which is your love. Please keep my soul safe from all the evilness, my Lord.

Lord, you made me with love and whispered courage in my ear. Today, I celebrate the person I am, the one You are still shaping. Happy Birthday to me!

Christian Birthday Prayer For Myself

Heavenly Father, your favors on me are uncountable, but I will keep seeking more of it. Please bless me on my birthday.

I offer my birthday and each of my breaths to you, dear Lord. Thank you for all the happiness and even the sorrows, because those have brought me closer to you.

This birthday is just another token of your kindness, dear God, and I wholeheartedly appreciate it. Please bless me with a blissful life ahead.

Thank you Lord for your love, protection and companionship. Please bless me with many more cherished days. Amen. “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.” – Psalm 107:1

Dear Lord, with each new day, help me forgive, love, and find joy in simple things. Ameen! “Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” – Colossians 3:13

Dear Lord, send me good vibes, unexpected joys, and strength to keep moving forward. Happy Birthday to me!

Thank you for being my shelter in life, dear God. On my birthday, please give me the courage and wisdom to live a life dedicated to you. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” – John 14:27

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Muslim Birthday Prayer For Myself

On this birthday, I seek shelter in Allah’s blessings. May He watch over me and guide me towards success in this life and the afterlife.

Allah, I thank you for giving me this life and ask you to answer my prayers. Please keep me and all my loved ones safe and sound.

muslim birthday prayer for myself

You are always in my heart, Almighty Allah, and I am especially remembering you on my birthday. Please make my life smoother and more prosperous.

Dear Allah, it is your mercy that has kept me alive and well. Thank you for this birthday. Allow me to stay on your path forever.

In Allah’s name, I hope my journey in life would only keep getting better from now on. May Allah’s grace be with me on my birthday.

Oh Allah! On this day, I celebrate not just my birthday, but the blessings of life, the beauty of creation, and the joy of being part of your grand design.

Ya Rab, as I grow older, grant me Your mercy and grace. Guide me to serve You better, be kind, compassionate, and a pillar of strength for my loved ones. Amen!

Each birthday is an entrance to another stage of life, and we simply cannot enter it without seeking blessings from our lord. So, from this birthday to each one that comes after, make sure to have a heartfelt praying session. Your birthday prayers don’t have to be long! Just a few sincere words are enough to please the merciful God.

The touching birthday prayer written above are perfect examples of this. Go through all of these or choose a few prayers to have a divine start of your birthday. Write these in a card and gift it to yourself. You are also welcome to share these on your social media!