Sweet and Emotional Birthday Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend

Love is easy to get, harder to hold onto. Loving someone with your entire heart is the best feeling on earth, but it is equally painful when it comes to an end. Even though happiness doesn’t last long, the memories stay forever. In a way, the person who gifted you those beautiful moments will always remain special in your heart.

So on his birthdays, please don’t hold back from extending your best wishes to him in the form of birthday wishes! Send your ex-boyfriend a genuine note of appreciation and wish him the happiest days with these birthday wishes for ex lover!

Birthday Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend

Happy Birthday! I still cherish our sweet memories, and I wish you all the happiness!

We might not talk anymore, but you can always count on me! Happy Birthday to you! Stay happy and blessed always.

Happy Birthday to you! With memories of all those birthday parties we threw and all the candles we blew, I wish you nothing but happiness ahead!

Happy Birthday! To this date, you’re the sweetest guy I’ve ever known. Best wishes!

Happy Birthday, handsome. You were my first love, and I will never forget you! Deep inside my heart, I still wish the best for you.

Happy birthday ex boyfriend. We might not cross paths again, but I still pray for your happiness.

We weren’t meant to be as a couple, but I still miss my best friend. Happy Birthday to you. My prayers and good thoughts are coming your way.

happy birthday wishes for ex boyfriend

Our times together were always delightful, because you were so special to me. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my ex boyfriend! I hope you’re not moping around because of the breakup!

Good thing we are not together anymore, because I can’t afford a birthday gift for you! Just kidding, lol. Happy Birthday!

You have hurt me deeply! I may never forgive you for breaking my heart. But I will always wish you well. Take care. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, sweet man. Thank you for treating me right, even if for a short while!

Happy Birthday to someone I used to love more than my life. Good luck and good wishes.

You may not be the one for me and I for you, but if we ever stumble upon each other, I hope we can share a smile. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Cheer up because today’s all about you! Sending you ‘friendly’ hugs!

I still miss sharing my days with you. Maybe someday, we’ll talk again. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! I have nothing but good wishes for you, cause you deserve to be happy!

I am not the reason for your happiness now, but I hope you can find your own joy. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday! We have set on our own paths, but I will never regret falling in love with you.

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Emotional Birthday Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend

Nothing will change the fact that you were the most special person in my life. Happy Birthday!

You were the most phenomenal person I have ever met! You were my inspiration, my joy! I hope you can stay happy by yourself now. Happy Birthday!

On your birthday night, I couldn’t sleep. I was so excited for when the clock struck twelve. I wanted to be the first to wish you. Do you miss me? I really want to know! I just can’t stop thinking about you. I miss you all the time! Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday! Thank you for holding my hands and giving me so much love. I miss you!

Happy Birthday! I am lucky that I once had a kind person like you in my life. Best wishes!

Even a year ago, you were by my side, but now you are miles away. Wherever life takes you, my prayers are for your well-being. Wishing you a happy birthday.

emotional birthday wishes for ex boyfriend

Happy Birthday! Even though we have separated, you still hold a big space in my heart. May fortune and fame be yours always.

Happy Birthday. You left me heartbroken, but you still deserve the nicest things in the world!

My dear, Happy Birthday to you! I bear no grudge in my heart as you gave me the most beautiful memories of my lifetime! Stay blessed, sweetness!

Your existence and your happiness will always mean so much to me! Happy Birthday!

Since long before your birthday, I used to plan so much. How to celebrate, what to do, where to go, even where to order the cake from—I tried so hard to make it perfect. Remembering those crazy ideas makes me smile now. But no matter where we are, my best wishes are always with you. Happy birthday.

Being in a relationship with your lover is a blessing, but things might turn sour for many reasons. But a breakup doesn’t mean turning against each other. The relationship might have ended, but the friendship can go on for as long as you want! It might be hard for you to wish your ex-boyfriend on his birthdays, especially if the wounds are still fresh. But if the person had treated you with care and loved you with his honest heart, you might want to consider spreading some positive energy in his life! The birthday of your ex-boyfriend is a perfect opportunity to extend your caring thoughts towards him and letting him know that you will always care for him!