Christmas Messages For Husband & Romantic Wishes

Christmas Messages For Husband – Romantic Wishes

Romantic and beautiful Christmas wishes messages for husband. Though the relationship between husband and wife is too romantic but during special days the try to express their special attraction to each other. Gentle ladies also want to say her husband you are the man of my life and make plans to enjoy Christmas with husband. But most often they might be wondering what she can tell her husband on this Christmas and how she makes it. So, don’t be too upset cause our experts already compiled a post about Christmas messages for husband and romantic wishes which are appropriate to fit with your thoughts. To make your husband happier you may send messages with a beautiful card, also you may share messages on your social app timeline like facebook, WhatsApp, twitter etc.

Romantic Christmas Messages For Husband

I feel so happy sleeping beside you. I feel like a baby being cuddled in your strong arms. You are my husband and forever you will be mine. Merry Christmas!

Ever since that first meeting, you’ve been moving and changing my world. You are a real gift that I never want to take for granted. I love you at Christmas and always. Merry Christmas, Hubby Love!

As I see your face and as I hear your voice, I feel very nice. Dear husband, this Christmas, I have a surprise. I love you and I love you too, Merry Christmas to you.

Loving you is the greatest thing that happened to me, and fighting for you is the greatest decision I’ve ever made. Merry Christmas Honey!

To me you are the definition of love. I pray to Santa to shower our lives with lots of love and romantic times together. Wishing you a warm Christmas my dearest husband.

When I was confused you were my best friend, when I was sad you were my guide But you are my loving husband always Merry Christmas my dear husband!

Living with you is like a dream, and I do not want to wake up. Tonight is Christmas and I only want to be with you. Merry Christmas, dear husband.


Since the day I became your wife, I never looked at other guys and I stayed completely faithful to you. I’m contented of having a life spent with you and I’m very happy with it. Merry Christmas Honey!

Christmas is the festival of love and sacrifice And when it is celebrated with you it becomes a wonderful occasion of blessings showered on me Love you so much, Merry Christmas.

You’re the man who I want to spend the rest of my life with. You’re the man I chose to be with. Still, you’re the man I’m choosing today to spend the Christmas day with. Merry Christmas My Love!

I have been so blessed to know the love of a husband like you and to be able to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with someone that believes. Merry Christmas!

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My love for you grows each and every day as I’m with you. May our family be blessed on this special occasion. Merry Christmas Honey!

I’ll never regret the day that I met and fell in love with you, not even a single second. I wish that we will stay happy together every day with the family that we dearly love. Merry Christmas Honey!

Ah! it is the start of holiday season So all the moments with you are Going to be as awesome as you are, You are the light in my life, my dear, You are my life’s most shining cheer, Love to have you in life, Feeling blessed that I am your wife Merry Christmas to you May God bless you!


When I celebrate the Christmas with you, I understand why they say marriage is done in heaven Merry Christmas to my dear Husband!

For a husband sweeter than honey and lovely as love, I send Merry Christmas greetings and lots of love this Christmas. I wish you celebrate this spirit of festivity with splendid celebrations, my love.

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Holding your hands makes me feel secure. Feeling your love makes me feel loved, Seeing your face makes me feel blessed. I love you and Merry Christmas!

A life without you is meaningless. Good thing I found and fell in love with you. Luckily, you did the same thing to me. Merry Christmas My Love!

For every day that we’re together, you just make me fall in love with you more and more. Merry Christmas Honey!

I have been so blessed in life to have someone like you to share my life with, Thank you, my wonderful hubby, for giving me so many memories in life and making me feel so loved in life. Merry Christmas!


Beautiful Christmas Wishes For Husband From Wife

Christmas is the birthday of over savior. The Lord has given me you as my husband and I feel the promise of the God. Merry Christmas to the best husband in the world!

I always have a ball with you, Dear. Being married to you has made my life and holidays even more phenomenal! Merry Christmas Hubby!

For the years we shared together, I don’t know how to thank you for not giving up on us. I just want you to know that I love you so much. Merry Christmas My Love!

I want to thank you for coming into my life. Today, I’m in a perfect place at the perfect moment with the perfect person. Merry Christmas Honey!

You turned my life to a river that flows through the hearts of my dears, And the rhythm of the flow rejoiced them. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


On this auspicious occasion of Christmas I send all my love and good wishes for a happy Christmas celebration to my sweet husband.

As we celebrate this special day, let us thank the Lord for giving us a family that sticks together through thick and thin. Merry Christmas My Love!

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I am blessed to fall in your arms I am blessed to win your love, Because of you the only one in the world for me Merry Christmas!

You are my love, my strength and also my weakness. I cannot imagine my life without you. Dearest hubby, you mean the world to me. May Santa shower his love, affection, and blessings on you and make it a rocking Christmas for you.

This is the time to reminisce all the times we shared together. Happy or sad, easy or hard, no matter how it is, the most important thing is that we went through it all together. Merry Christmas to you!

I have loved you, I do love you, and I always will love you. That’s a gift that you can count on for Christmas and every day!

My Christmas has become true Christmas after you joined in my life as partner Merry Christmas Honey!

You are not just my husband; you are the reason for my existence. You are not just my soul mate; you are also my best friend. On the occasion of Christmas, I pray to God to bless your life with success, prosperity and happiness.


Let’s welcome the year which is fresh and new, Let’s cherish each moment it beholds, Let’s celebrate this blissful New year. Merry X-mas!

Christmas is about gifts, special people, and lots of love. I think we’ve been doing a great job up to this point. Let’s keep it going! Merry Christmas, Hubby!

I wish that I could live forever To celebrate more Christmas with you Love you darling!

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When I think of you and what you have done in my life, my heart is filled with love. This holiday season, I want you to know that I really appreciate you and all that you are to me. Merry Christmas To My Wonderful Husband!

Christmas always brings fantastic moments and tons of wonderful memories. Spending those special times with you are the moments that make my life and my holiday even more glorious! Merry Christmas!

This Christmas I want to wish for your continued happiness and good health. I am so blessed to have you here by my side. Merry Christmas!

I’m willing to sacrifice the hours of sleep each morning just to serve you a meal. Today, I’m willing to sacrifice the whole night just to prepare a feast for our family. Merry Christmas Honey!

It seems you have finished reading all these romantic Christmas messages for husband and it is sure when your husband will receive it, he will think it is a Christmas gift.

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