60+ Mother Death Anniversary Quotes and Messages

Death Anniversary Messages For Mother: The death anniversary of a mother is a very painful occasion. It becomes very hard to control our emotions when we think about our memories with her. But also, it is a day to show respect to her for being the wonderful mother that she was. Remembering mom on her death anniversary in loving memory is a way to show care to her departed soul. Also, we can express our feelings through some emotional death anniversary messages. These remembrance messages can also be great as prayer messages on a mother’s death anniversary. When we express our feeling in words, we can reduce our emotional pain to a great extent. So, check out these Death anniversary messages for mother!

Mother Death Anniversary Quotes

In my memory, you will live as long as I do. I pray for your eternal peace, mom.

Since you died, I have forgotten what happiness really means in life. Every year when this day comes, I can no longer hold back my tears. Rest in peace forever Mom!

It’s been __ years since you passed, but it feels like only yesterday. The pain of losing you is still as fresh as ever. I believe you are in a good place now, which comforts me. But I still miss you so much, and I always will.

death anniversary message for mother

I can’t find words to describe how valuable you were to me. The death of you will always remain to be the greatest loss in my life. May God grant you eternal peace.

You taught me to be strong. Never knew I would have to use this strength to live without you.

I’ve searched everywhere but never did I find the comfort of your arms. See you on the other side.

Your presence used to make every place feel like home. Now I wander around feeling homeless.

My biggest regret is not telling you how much I love you while you were with me, mother.

I have realized that I cannot bring you back to us no matter what I do. So, I am praying to god that he keeps you in the most peaceful and beautiful place in heaven. Amen!

mother death anniversary prayer

Some years may have passed, but thoughts of you are evergreen. The pain of losing you is immeasurable. Today being your death anniversary, I need you to know that I love you always. Rest in Peace, Mom!

It’s hard to accept that you’re no longer here. It feels like a bad dream I can’t wake up from. I know you are at peace and free from all the pain and suffering. I miss you, Mom and I want you here with me.

Your memories give me comfort and inspire me to tackle every trouble. I hope you’re watching, mom.

I grew up the day you left us. But yet, every night your lullabies hum in my head.

You loved me even before I started breathing. Now I will miss you till my last breath.

Although you passed away years ago, it feels like yesterday. Mom, I miss you so much. Not a day passes by in which I don’t think about you. I know you’re in a good place now, but that doesn’t make this any easier.

death anniversary quotes for mother

It’s been just a few years since you passed away. I know that you have been observing me from Heaven for many years. You have always provided the family with care, concern, and love. I pray to the Lord that he treats you as kindly as you treated us.

People say that time heals every pain. But even after years, every day I’m carrying the pain of losing you. Rest in peace, mom.

I want to go to heaven, not to avail myself of the luxuries in there; but to see and hug you again.

If only you could see how your teachings are reflected in everything I do! Miss you, mom.

1st Death Anniversary Quotes for Mother

I’m still in denial and can’t believe a year has passed since you died. It’s still yesterday when I was holding you in my arms. Please take my love to my mother on your angels’ wings, dear Lord. I miss you so much, mom.

I believe you are finally at rest and in a better place. But that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with the pain of losing you. I’ll never forget all that you’ve done for me, mom. Nobody can take your place; I love you and miss you so much.

1st death anniversary quotes for mother

Not a day goes by when I don’t think about you and wish you were still with us. You were the best mother anyone could ask for. You always sacrificed for your family and kept your family first. Even today, in paradise, I believe you keep a close eye and guiding hand on all of us.

Even though you’re no longer with us, I know you are always with me. I cherish all of our memories together and think about you every day. Your absence is felt deeply by everyone who loved you.

When you died, Mom, I felt the earth shaking under my feet. I could never walk on solid ground again, but I will move forward because of the love and strength you showed me throughout my life.

By losing you I lost the most unconditional love I will ever have. May your soul find peace.

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Death Anniversary Messages For Mother From Son

I would trade everything I have to see you again, mom. You are missed deeply.

Dear mother, you were the first woman I have loved and I will love for eternity. Miss you.

I look back to the days you were with us and I can’t help myself from crying. I still miss you so much, mom. You were and always will remain the greatest mom ever.

From sunrise to sunset, every moment would have been more wonderful if you were with us today. Your memories will never be forgotten.

mother death anniversary quotes from son

Everything I am today is what you always dreamt of for me. I wish you were alive to see your son living up to your dreams. I miss you!

I pray that someday in heaven, I will be your little boy again.

Sometimes I close my eyes and see your face, mom. I swear I can feel your love around me.

I think about the memories and realize what a wonderful childhood I had. The love and care of a mother are truly incomparable to anything else. I miss you in every moment of my life.

A mother is a son’s closest friend. Even after all these years, I feel the need of you in my life. I wish you knew how much I miss you!

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Death Anniversary Messages For Mother From Daughter

Every step I take is to make you proud of me, mom. I wish you were here to see it.

If I could live more than once in every life, I’d want to be your daughter. Rest in peace.

You were not just a perfect mother but also an amazing teacher. All the good things I have in me are because I saw them in you. You will be remembered forever dear mom.

Without your support and inspiration, I would never have achieved all these successes in life. But what hurts me most is that you are not to see all these anymore. I miss you, mom!

mother death anniversary quotes from daughter

I think of you in every moment of my life. But sometimes, the pain becomes so heavy to control. Life without you seems meaningless. I miss you so much!

I sometimes wear your clothes because it feels as if they still smell like you. Miss you, mom.

I have learned many things from you but I have not learned how to live without you. But now, I need to learn how to live with your memories.

I wish there were secret stairs somewhere so I could climb up to where you are. I have many stories to tell you, mom. Missing you so much on this day!

A mother is a daughter’s best friend. With your death, I lost both my mother and best friend at once.

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Death Anniversary Messages For Friend’s Mother

With your departure, I lost a mother who didn’t give birth to me but taught me to love.

I miss your welcoming smile and warm hugs. I hope you’re in a better place.

I have always thought of you as my second mother. You have blessed me with so many good memories to remember. You will never be forgotten!

Only a successful mother can raise a good human being. When I look at my friend, I realize what a wonderful mother you have been. You will always be in our prayer!

It’s not just a day for grieving over losing you. It’s about remembering all the good memories with you and paying respect to the great mother you were for my friend.

Death Anniversary Message For Friend’s Mother

Time flies fast. Life goes on at its own pace. But some memories can never be forgotten or erased from the mind of the dearest ones. You will always remain in our thoughts.

You treated me like I was your own son. And with your demise, I feel orphaned.

The love and kindness you’ve showered me with will never be forgotten. Rest in peace.

You were one of the people who make the world feel like heaven. May you be granted eternal peace.

You were the perfect role model for how every mother should be to his children. I can still remember the last time I saw you. Memories of you will always have a special place in my heart.

People like you should be around us for our entire lifetime. There were just too many things to learn from you. You will always be respected and remembered.

Death Anniversary Prayer Messages For Mother

You have always kept the family tied with love, care, and affection. I pray to the almighty that he gives you eternal peace in return. Your place is in heaven.

It’s been quite a few years without you mom. I know you have been watching me from heaven all these years. I pray to God that he be kind to you just like you were to us.

I’m praying for the Soul of my beloved mother, oh God! You keep her safe in Heaven. Please take my love to my mother through your angels’ wings. Please take away the sorrow that’s pounding with each of my heartbeats and replace it with the joy of your love, dear God.


I miss you so badly even after all these times. I wish you knew that you are always in my thought and in my prayers 24/7. May God keep you happy up there!

The day you passed away was the darkest day of my life. I wish someday we will be reunited before god. Till then, May God keeps you safe in his arms.

I have never seen any honest and God loving person like you. I always feel lucky to be born as one of your children. I pray that God rewards you with the best thing that only you deserve!

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Losing a mother is probably the most traumatizing experience one can go through. No amount of words can describe the pain one feels under such circumstances. But people are often required to give a eulogy in memory of their departed mother, and that can be overwhelming. To ease these times, we have put down a compilation of death anniversary messages for mothers, mother death anniversary quotes, and rip messages. Just say these as a speech in mom’s memory on her death anniversary or take ideas and write your own version of it. Simply writing down remembrance messages for late mom or emotional prayer messages for mom in heaven in your diary or social media posts might find your comfort too!