Engagement Invitation Messages and Quotes

Engagement Invitation Messages: Engagement is a union of two souls, and that is why engagement invitation messages are essential. As this works as a joyous note to such an event, make sure to express it with warm and festive words. Engagement invitation wording should be taken seriously and ask for blessings from the invitee. If you are confused about how to invite for engagement- here are some sample engagement invitation messages which can be sent to people regarding their relationship with you.

Engagement Invitation Messages

The journey of becoming one is on the way, so we cordially invite you to our ring ceremony.

Together, (bride’s name) and (groom’s name), we are inviting you to our engagement party. Please come and do us the honor.

We will soon be one. So we invite you as we make it official. Join us and make us more proud of our engagement!

ring ceremony invitation text message

With love and respect, I am inviting you to my engagement. May you be kind enough to bless me and my fiance with your presence on such a beautiful arrangement.

Your presence is requested as we announce the engagement of our daughter, (bride to be) with (groom to be) on (date) at (venue).

We cordially invite you to our beloved son’s engagement party. Please join us and make this moment even more memorable for the couple.

We are ecstatic to be able to announce our engagement. We would be glad if you could join us for the event on (date) at (venue).

It all started with a smile! Progressed with a kiss! And it will end with a celebration like this! Please join us as we get engaged to be married!

We cordially invite you to our daughter’s/son’s engagement party. Please be there to shower your blessings on the newly engaged couple.

I cordially invite you and your family to my engagement ceremony with (Name Of Bride/Groom) to be held at (Venue) from (Time).

Our little girl is now all grown up and about to set out on a new journey. We invite you to celebrate her engagement with the love of her life, (name of the groom).

Dear friend, I invite you to my engagement ceremony with (Name Of Bride/Groom) to be conducted on (Date) at my residence.

We are happy to announce that soon, we will be tying the knot. So join us as we get engaged and celebrate this moment with us!

It gives us great pleasure to announce the engagement of our daughter, (bride’s name) with (groom’s name). Do us the honor by being present at the dinner party.

I proposed, she accepted. And now we would like to share the moment with you. Come and be at our Engagement Celebration!

We have a special announcement. We wish your presence to be there. Very soon we will live life together, and we want you to be a big part of it!

Engagement Invitations From Bride and Groom

I invite you to my engagement ceremony with my beloved ____. Please join the ceremony and bless us.

I hereby invite you to my engagement ceremony with the love of my life. Your presence would mean so much.

Join us on the celebration of our engagement and make this day more joyous and festive.

engagement invitation quotes

It all started with a smile, and we are going strong. Please come and bless us on our engagement.

Please come and bless us on this heartwarming moment at our ring ceremony. Looking forward to seeing you.

Your presence is requested on our new journey. May you come and bless our engagement day.

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Engagement Invitation Messages From Parents

You are cordially invited to attend the engagement party of our beloved son/daughter. Come and bless them.

Our beloved son has decided to say “forever” with his respected partner. Please come and bless him on his engagement.

Matches are made in heaven so our ____ is getting engaged with _____ on ____. Come and bless them with your presence.

Join us for the engagement party of our __ & ___ in their exchange of love rings and seeking happiness.

As the engagement rings are about to exchange, let’s ring the bell of happiness and joy for our ____ and ____.

Join us on this wonderful engagement ceremony of our beloved daughter and make her day special and memorable.

In honor of ____ and ____, an engagement party is being organized. Please come and bless them.

Share the moment of cheer and bless them with countless blessings on their ring ceremony.

With great joy and pleasure, we heartily invite you to our son/daughter’s engagement party. The entire evening will be filled with glitz, romance, and fireworks. We hope to see you there!

It’s finally time to celebrate the engagement celebration of our lovely daughter and her fiancé. Please come celebrate this happy event with us and shower the new couple with blessings and marital advice.

Invitation for Engagement Party

When he popped the question she said, ‘yes’. So, here’s the time to celebrate! (Bride’s name) is getting engaged to (groom’s name) on (date) and you are invited to the party.

We take the pleasure of inviting you to the engagement party given in honor of (bride’s name) and (groom’s name).

We are pleased to invite you to our child’s engagement party. Please join us for the grand celebration on (date) at (venue).


A marriage is in order, and we invite you to share in the joy at the engagement party. We eagerly expect your presence!

We, (parents of the bride-to-be) and (parents of the groom-to-be), would be pleased to have you join us for a dinner party and celebrate this special day.

Me and my fiancé’ would like to share happiness as we get engaged. Come and join our engagement celebration on ______.

Love is here to stay; let’s celebrate by dancing the night away! Join us for an Engagement Party!

My invitation goes out to you for my engagement program. It will be my humblest pleasure to see you at my party.

You’re cordially invited to our engagement party. Your presence will mean a lot to us. I hope the invitation reaches you well.

Engagement Invitation Quotes From Siblings

My dear brother is getting engaged with the love of his life. Come and bless them on _____.

As my sister is about to start a new chapter in her life, please be there to bless her engagement ceremony.

Hope you will come and make their fairytale engagement ceremony more glamorous with your presence.

As my beloved sister/brother is getting engaged, I request your presence to bless the newly engaged couple.

Love wins in the end. Let me invite you to the most glamorous engagement party of the decade. Come and bless my sister/brother.

Engagement Invitation Card Messages

The young couple is about to turn a new chapter of life, and they seek your blessings. Please be at the engagement party to do the honors for the new couple.

Two hearts that beat as one. We finally decided to tie the knot! We invite you to witness our Engagement celebration.

Love is there to bind us together and, we wish the time stays like that forever! We are getting engaged. Do us the honor by coming to the function on (date) evening.

He asked, and she said ‘yes’; the wedding bells are set to ring. Let’s celebrate the moment as the couple is getting engaged.

Blank engagement invitation card

Nobody is happier than us. Share this special moment as we stop your world and experience the magic of love. We are getting engaged!

Yahoo, I got him, Now he is mine officially My engagement time is this Ready my dress is now invitations time So please all of you come to me for this!

It is going to be the most special moment of my sister’s life. Please join us to make her engagement celebration special.

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. So, please come and join me on my engagement!

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Ring Ceremony Invitation Message

We would be so grateful for your presence as we exchange rings and make the commitment to spend the rest of our lives together. So, please come and bless us during our special ring ceremony.

Celebrations offer us the chance to make wonderful memories with our loved ones. Join us as we celebrate our relationship and declare our love for each other by exchanging rings.

You have been a special part of our lives, and we would love to have you share the joy of our ring ceremony. We look forward to sharing this joyous occasion with you.

We would be delighted if you could join us for our ring ceremony as we take the next step in our relationship. We need all your blessings and support.

Love is meant to be celebrated with friends and family. And as we cherish your friendship very much, we warmly invite you to our ring ceremony.

Engagement Invitation Message For Whatsapp/Facebook

I cordially invite you to our awaited engagement celebration. May you find the time to bless us with your presence.

It is my utmost joy and pleasure to invite you to my engagement celebration. We will be delighted to have you there.

engagement invitation message for whatsapp

The humblest invitation to my engagement goes out to you. I hope you will bless us for marking a milestone and starting a new journey.

Your presence is requested at my engagement ceremony. I hope you will be there with all the blessing and love for us.

With grace and respect, my invitation goes out to you for the engagement program. I will be waiting for you to come and bless my holy arrangement.

Engagement Invitation Message For Friends

You are invited to share the joy and excitement of my engagement, friend. I would be honored to have you at the celebration.

Inviting you to the special day of my Engagement, dear friends! Let’s celebrate together and join me for a fun-filled evening of good food and good company.

Dear friend, please join me for a night of music, laughter, and memories. Inviting you to my engagement on [date].

You are cordially invited to be my guest at my Engagement, dear buddy. Hope to see you there!

You are one of my favorite people, my friend. I would be more than honored if you could make time to attend my engagement!

Engagement Invitations Card Sample

The most precious moment of her life…
James asked Kimberly to be his wife!
Please join us in celebrating
the engagement of
Kimberly Lee
James Sanders
on Friday, July 22nd at 6 p.m.
Barb and Steven’s Home
3501 Newark St NW
Washington, DC


You are cordially invited to
attend an
Engagement Party
given in honor of
Stephanie and John
on March 31, 2018
at 6:00 p.m.
World’s Palace Restaurant
21765 Oakdale Street
Nelson, Florida



Spring is here
Wedding bells are near…
Please join us to celebrate the engagement of
April & James
at an Outdoor Buffet Dinner
Sunday, July 27th
4:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
1449 Q St NW
Washington, DC

Hosted by Margaret and Colin Alderman


He popped the question…She said YES!
So we’re having a celebration,
Please be our guest!

Celebrating the engagement of
Kristen & John
Join us for Cocktails and Hor’dourves
April 23rd at 6:00PM
1199 valencia st. san francisco, ca

Hosted by Mr. & Mrs. James Johnson
Rsvp to 415-463-9856


Introducing the future
Mr. and Mrs. Williamson
Please join us for an
engagement party honoring
Victor and Nicole
on Saturday, April 8th at 6 p.m.
Green Bar & Grille
85 Telly Place
Minneapolis, Minnesota


If you are looking for engagement invitation quotes, please leave that thought behind. Rather send some words of warmth, love, and an invitation to be a part of the newly engaged couple’s first step. Welcome them to come to the ceremony and enjoy food, booze, and glam. Make them feel the coziness and the event of joy. Send the ring ceremony invitation text message mentioning how glad you would feel with their presence on such a special day. Have a clear idea of the situation and mention every detail such as the place, time, date, and every needed detail on the invitation messages. Ask for people’s blessings. Make your engagement invitation unique and make the guests go in awe.