Feeling Alone Messages – Heart Touching Lines

Feeling Alone Message: Feeling lonely is a vague feeling. People can’t easily express it. Even sometimes, being with your loved ones doesn’t make you happy anymore. If you want to express your loneliness, and can’t find the right words to verbalize your thoughts. We have lonely messages that will help you to express your heart’s feelings. If you want to express your loneliness to your partner, these messages will help you to express your thoughts. Hope these feeling alone text will help you feel better.

Feeling Alone Messages

I hate to admit that I feel alone even when I am in a crowd.

This loneliness and feeling alone is going to be the end of everything for me.

No one cares about me. If I vanish today, no one will even notice. This loneliness is making me sick. I just want my pains to end soon.

alone msg

I wish I could be able to accept this loneliness and be able to find peace.

In this world, nothing makes me feel good anymore. Loneliness is what I have now and I am getting used to this. I hope better days will come.

Sometimes it feels like I am surrounded by darkness. I feel so alone.

Over a period of time, I have realized I am alone and nobody actually cares about that. We are alone in this world and It gets really sad sometimes. I hate feeling alone.

I am all alone here with my sufferings but I don’t have anyone to share my pains. The memories are haunting me and there is no way I can escape.

The time I feel lonely is the time I need to be by myself.

I feel lonely every single day of my life but I’m ashamed to admit that to the people who love me.

When you feel lonely and alone & cannot see anyone around you, the world seems to be fading away, come along with me I’ll take you to an eye specialist!!

The feeling of loneliness can destroy you, weaken you, make you indifferent, harass you or build your character. It is all a matter of choice.

When you feel lonely just remember that God is always there for you even though when it seems you’re at your lowest breakdown that’s when your breakthrough begins.

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LONELINESS is a good FEELING when it is created by our self. But it is the WORST FEELING when it is gifted by others!

The feeling of loneliness is like a termite. It eats you from within and the damage is already done before the termite shows its ugly face.

I feel as tho I’m in quicksand trying to get somewhere in my life but the more I try to move the more I sink back into nothingness…

A lonely tear is set out free, I’m sitting alone for all to see; you are far away, how can it be? My heart cries out, Come back to me!

Lonely is not a feeling when you are alone. Lonely is a feeling when no one cares.

Is feeling extremely lonely, and neglected right now. But does anyone really care?

Don’t feel alone, because there is always someone out there who loves you more than you can imagine.

Feeling Alone Messages For Him

Never wanted to tell you this, but without you, I feel so alone. Please come back to me.

The thing you left for me is my loneliness. And I am struggling to get better every day.

alone message for him

After days of suffering, now I started to accept my loneliness. I hope accepting it will bring me peace of mind.

I hope no one breaks your heart the way you did to me. I hope you never have to feel alone.

Come back soon baby. Without you, my days are so lonely. Life doesn’t seem fun. I miss you.

Being alone is the toughest thing ever. Having no one to share your feelings makes you so lonely that life seems worthless sometimes.

You may feel lost and alone, but God knows exactly where you are, and He has a good plan for your life.

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Feeling Alone Messages For Her

I never thought you will leave me like this. I feel so alone without you, my love.

Baby, your absence is so big in my heart. There is nothing I can do for my lonely heart. Please come back soon.

alone message for her

The loneliness you brought into my life is unbearable. I am fighting with loneliness to forget you.

I loved you with my everything but you only made me miserable. Now, whether being alone or together the loneliness feels the same.

I never knew, I can be this lonely in my life. But now feeling alone is something obvious in my life. This loneliness is getting unbearable day by day.

I am fighting with my loneliness everyday. Even when I am with my friends there is an absence of something. I am so lonely.

Each moments is empty, My nights are lonely. Come and hold me, The destiny awaits you. Turn back and take…

Heart Touching Feelings Messages

I keep my smile on all the time so that no one will figure out just how sad and lonely I really feeling inside me.

Whenever I feel sad, Whenever I feel lonely, Whenever I miss you a lot, Whenever I feel like meeting you, I just keep my right hand on my chest, To realize that… You Live In My Heart!

Nobody is right till somebody is wrong… Nobody is weak till somebody is strong… Nobody is lucky till love comes along… Nobody is lonely till somebody is gone. Missing U!

lonely messages

It hurts so much that you want to cry but since you do not want anyone else to see, you keep it all inside and cry without tears.

I’ll never forget how being depressed and lonely feels great like a companion to each other.

The best companion for moments of solitude is a good book as it allows us to be at any time or any place.

I am not feeling lonely because my memories with me!

Ten Worst Feelings; being replaced, ignored, insecure, lied to, feeling unwanted, alone, worthless, hated, unliked and losing the one.

I feel you In every stone In every leaf of every tree That you ever might have grown I feel you In everything In every river that might flow In every seed you might have sown I feel you In every vain In every beating of my heart Each breath I take. I feel you!

One of the loneliest moment of someone’s life: when you are watching your world fall apart and you cannot seem to do anything about it at all.

I am shy by nature and in a way it is a blessing in disguise because being alone does not really make me feel lonely and it is better to be alone with your thoughts rather than in a crowd.

In this busy world, people get lonely too easily. Loneliness doesn’t only make you feel alone, It also brings sadness and emptiness to your life. Sometimes people can feel alone even being in a room full of people. If you are feeling alone and want to express your emotions to your loved ones, friends, or family these feeling alone messages can help you to express your loneliness. Send heart touching alone texts to your partner so they could know how lonely you are. Sometimes it’s hard to express what you feel. We hope these lonely messages will help you to open up your feelings to your close one.