Funny Engagement Wishes For The Happy Couple

Engagements are a time of celebration and the promise of a lifetime. As friends, family, and well-wishers gather to congratulate the happy couple, don’t forget to add some humor to the wishes. While heartfelt engagement wishes are pretty common, adding humor can turn a special occasion into an unforgettable one.

However, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right witty words to make the newly engaged couple laugh. In this article, you’ll find funny engagement wishes and congratulatory messages. What better way to celebrate love than with a hearty laugh?

Funniest Engagement Wishes

Congratulations on finding someone willing to take you as their pet forever! Wishing you a beautiful life ahead.

Thank God for finding another weirdo to complement your weird behaviors and habits. Congratulations on your engagement.

Dear, congrats on getting engaged! Remember, love is blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener. So, get ready to share your secrets, Facebook passwords, and credit cards.

Two crazy people found each other and got engaged. Congratulations on being weird together. Happy engagement!

engagement wishes funny

Engagement is the official license to annoy each other for a lifetime. Have a hilarious and happy journey together!

Heartfelt congratulations on your engagement, my dear! Now you have someone to blame when your clothes go missing and the ice cream vanishes from the freezer.

Congratulations on your engagement. No matter if you get engaged, you will never get a crime partner like me.

Congrats on making your relationship official! Keep in mind, love is fantastic, but splitting up can be pretty expensive. So, try to make your engagement last!

So, you are actually engaged? Sending my condolence to your fiancée for getting engaged to you.

Who is the dumb person that agreed to get engaged to you? Joking. I’m really happy for you two and can’t wait for the wedding.

I have already lost my hope of seeing you get married, but see, you are already engaged. Congratulations to you, and a big condolence to your fiancée.

Congratulations on your engagement, dear! I hope everything goes super smoothly for you two, like butter on a hot biscuit. Best of luck!

Funny Engagement Wishes For Friend

Being engaged means getting ready to answer the question “When’s the wedding?” anyways, congratulations on preparing for a lifetime of war!

My dear friend, engagement is a contract that comes with no returns, no refunds, and definitely no cancellation. So, go all in and make sure to have a good time!

The day of “who’s going to wash the dishes has come” Congratulations on your engagement. May your life be filled with love and laughter.

congrats on your engagement friend funny wishes

Congratulations on finding someone willing to put up with a morron like you forever! Best wishes on your engagement!

OMG, you are engaged! Just remember, if you can survive picking out matching curtains, bedsheets, blankets, and napkins, you can conquer anything together. Best of luck, buddy!

Congrats on your engagement, my dear pal! Just keep in mind that in marriage, there is no ‘Ctrl+Z’ button to undo your mistakes. So, always be ready to press that ‘Save’ button together!

I don’t know how you managed to get a good person and get engaged to him. Best of luck to him, as he has to tolerate you for a lifetime now.

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Funny Engagement Wishes For Sister/Brother

Engagement is a happy phase until the real marriage happens. Enjoy the phase till it lasts! Good luck and congratulations, sister.

Congratulations on your Engagement Sister! I can’t wait to see you and your partner grow old together and become the weirdest old couple on the block.

Congrats on your engagement, sister! Get ready for a life filled with endless ‘Darling, do this’ and ‘Babe, do that.’ It is like having a full-time job with overtime and no weekends off. Best of luck!

Big congratulations on your engagement, sweet sister. As you start planning for your wedding, just remember, that no matter how perfect the wedding is, the real challenge is figuring out who gets to sleep on the comfy side of the bed.

Sister, congrats on your engagement! I hope your married life becomes as unforgettable as all those embarrassing stories from our childhood.

What is the reason behind these celebrations? That you are giving up on your freedom for a lifetime? Anyways, good wishes for your upcoming journey, brother.

funny congratulations on engagement for brother

Congratulations! Get ready for a lifetime of ‘Yes, dear’ and learn the art of selective hearing. Best wishes on your engagement, brother!

Congrats on getting engaged, bro! Love can be sweet and a bit challenging sometimes, but you two are in it together. Hope you have enough patience, determination, and stamina for all the ups and downs of married life ahead!

Congrats on getting engaged, my brother! Get ready for some tough decisions, like choosing between a “light pink dress” and a “hot pink dress.” All the best for your marital life!

Funny Engagement Wishes For Colleague

Congratulations on your engagement. Thanks for giving me a reason to take a leave from the office.

The secret of a happy marriage is to pretend like you’re listening to your fiancée the way you act during our long meetings. Wishing you a lifetime full of happiness.

Congrats on your engagement, my sweet coworker! Engagement and marriage are like a new job with tons of responsibilities. I hope your married life is less crazy than your work schedule, and your spouse is more understanding than your boss.

Congrats on your engagement, dear coworker! Now, you have to handle both work politics and home life politics. I hope your relationship blesses you with fewer emails and more heartfelt moments.

Cheers to the newly engaged couple. May your love life be as unbreakable as your commitment to the team.

Congrats on your engagement, dear colleague! I hope you will be able to handle your married life as smoothly and confidently as you handle all the office meetings

To my coworker, congrats on your engagement! Remember, the success of your marriage depends on you remembering anniversaries and picking up groceries on time. Wishing you a happy and love-filled marriage!

Hey there, readers! If you are looking for some fun and sweet ways to congratulate your friends, siblings, or coworkers on their engagement, you are in the right place.

When your besties, family members, or colleagues decide to tie the knot, it is nice to make them laugh and reduce their stress and nervousness. That is why we have put together some funny and lovely engagement wishes for you to wish your loved ones on their special day in a unique way.

These messages will help you express your excitement for their big day with a touch of humor. After all, engagement is a time for joy, and a little humor can make it even more memorable!