Funny Get Well Soon Messages & Sarcastic Wishes

50 Funny Get Well Soon Messages

Cheer up your near and dear one by sending Funny Get Well Soon Messages to make them happy during their illness. May your loved one feel more batter by receiving some funny get well soon messages from you and that could bring a big smile of happiness on their face. You should try to lift the spirits of your close friends, relatives, colleagues or loved one by your caring thoughts and heartfelt wishes for their speedy recovery from illness and feel better soon. Take a look through our get well soon messages to write something humorous in a get well card. But be careful before sharing funny get well soon messages with others and make sure that could appropriate for the relationship with whom you share.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages

If I wish you to get well soon, then I think it wouldn’t be soon enough. That’s why I’m praying for you to get well now!

Your mom told me you were sick, so I made you a get well cupcake. But, I ate it, so get well.

Now and again I believed that you are some sort of strong, however now I realize that you are human as well. Get well when possible.

We can explore the world together, but first you need to kick this sickness in the butt. What do you think? Will you get better for me? Please!!!!

You really like to steal the limelight, don’t you? You already know there are so many people wishing and praying for your health and you are enjoying the attention. C’mon, I think you have had enough of attention now, get well soon and come back.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages

I told your mom that I’m praying for your quick recovery. So, get well soon and make my prayers true, otherwise I’ll stop doing so.

There is one thing you know better than anyone else – how to get sick. Just joking. Get better soon.

In the event that I wish you to get well soon, then I think it wouldn’t be soon enough. That is the reason I’m appealing to God for you to get well now!

Writing these several lines in order to encourage you, because I know you a nervous person. Have a very quick recovery and get well soon.

I decided to send you a get-well card, and then I realized that I don’t know what to say besides get well. So, get well!

Here are my get well wishes to you. I hate seeing you blue, so kick this bug in the butt and have a speedy recovery.

Funny Get Well Soon Wishes

Hoping for your complete recovery, because I don’t want to come to the hospital for a second time!

Petitioning God for your fast recovery. Show signs of improvement soon or I’ll break your legs once more. Simply joking dear, get well soon.

The doctor says you are on a soft diet right now. So, I will start eating all the fruits and cakes that you have here on your table.

Falling ill is a great opportunity to get paid offs at work, vacation from school, get your beauty sleep and most importantly, to fund our poor doctors.

I’m really very sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well and trust me; me too is feeling so bored, because we were supposed to go to for the trip. Get well soon please.


Congrats you are formally debilitated! Appreciate the occasions. Unwind a ton. What’s more, returned soon so that we likewise get the chance to fall ill.

I think it will be better if I will be the one to end your life rather than be killed by that damn sickness that you have. Smile. That is good for your health!

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Congratulations you are officially sick! Enjoy the holidays. Relax a lot. And come back soon so that we also get the opportunity to fall ill.

Helplessly lying in your bed makes you vulnerable to whatever I wanted to do to you. Are you ready? Get well soon!

Wishing you a quick recovery because we have a big match next week. I guess you also don’t want to miss it too.

Funny Get Well Wishes For Loved One

Feel better, but in the meantime please keep a safe distance!

You are sick. When will you die? Just kidding! I hope you will be well soon!

It must not be feeling like you are in the hospital, especially when the doctor is so hot. Lucky you!

I just heard that you were sick last night, so I had a beer in your name and made a toast to you. Can’t wait until I don’t have to drink alone anymore.

You just needed a HUGacetamol and a KISSpirin to get well. You are sick because you miss me so.

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Thank God you are sick. You will go to bed early while I stay up late watching TV!

Sick people need to be quarantined. You are not allowed to kiss your boyfriend.


Praying for your quick recovery. Get better soon or I’ll break your legs again. Just kidding dear, get well soon.

You have no right to get sick. Remember, you are my hero? You are supposed to be strong.

I hear that the nurses in the hospital are hot! You might not want to get better too fast if it’s true.

If wishes can heal and love can act like a pill, I’ll pray for you in all ways and hope for your recovery each day.

Try not to lay on the bed for quite a while. You are now fat and you’ll turn out to be more also. So recall to stroll for some time and get well soon.

Maybe you forgot to clean yourself that is why you are infected with so much viruses and bacteria. Let me disinfect you.

Funny Get Well Card Messages

Congrats you finally managed to get sick. Now, enjoy the royal treatment. Lucky you!

If all the doctors are as hot as yours, I will choose to be sick every day.

No sickness in the world has the power to keep someone as strong willed as you down. Get better soon.

The house isn’t the same without you here. It’s only been a few days, but the air smells fresher, and there are a lot fewer dirty dishes in the sink. But, we still miss you. Get better soon.

Sometimes I thought that you are some kind of invincible, but now I know that you are human too. Get well as soon as possible.

Funny get well soon picture

Wishing you a speedy recuperation since we have a major match one week from now. I figure you likewise would prefer not to miss it too.

Everyone tells you to get better, but no one will ever tell you how. I know the secret: sleep and sleep and sleep some more.

Even superman has a weakness. Though you are feeling weak now, know that you will be strong again. Until then, may peace be with you.

In the event that you haven’t eaten those frozen yogurts without me then might be fever wouldn’t come this seriously. Glad frozen yogurt eating now get well soon.

I can’t believe that you fell and broke your ankle. Don’t let those crutches make you lazy! You still have to clean your room. Get better soon!

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