Funny New Job Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Getting a new job is a celebratory moment and thus, sending funny new job messages is something you cannot cross off the list. Extend your best wishes and a touch of humor with these good luck messages for their new job, making them laugh and easing any nerves. Share these funny congratulations with your loved ones, wishing them not just success but also the friendliest co-workers and a welcoming office atmosphere. And, of course, sprinkle in some playful jokes about their previous workplace to complete the cheerful message.

Funny New Job Wishes

Still laughing at your new office as they now have you as their employee 😂 Best wishes for your new job.

Congrats on the new job. Good luck with waking up early in the morning and going to bed with all the tension.

Congratulations on your new job. No more worry about who is going to pay the restaurant bill!

You’ve proven once again that having a brain isn’t always a requirement to get a job 😛. By the way, best wishes

You’ve proven once again

Best wishes on being the corporate donkey! Have fun working!

Wishing you best of luck on your new job! It might be awkward at first, but later it will get much worse. Jokes aside, do your best!

Doesn’t your new job mean that you owe me a treat? Looking forward to it. Congratulations buddy.

May your office does not get bored with you in the first week. Amen. Best wishes for your office. Ace it.

Your new employer has no idea that his company has won a lottery by hiring you. Congratulations on your new job.

Congratulations on getting the opportunity to start with a new slate. Don’t mess up. Best of luck with the job.

A new job is like a girlfriend or boyfriend. It will break up with you if you take it for granted. Wish you good luck.

You finally got hired, someone realized that even though you are stupid you can still be useful 🤣 Congratulations!

Welcome! Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of projects and quirky colleagues. Get ready to be a part of the weirdest yet the most awesome team in town!

funny congratulations on new job

Congratulations and best of luck on your new job! I’m so proud that I can now get to know about your little office gossip.

Congratulations on your new job! Don’t forget us, bigshot. Remember to always be confident and scare your coworkers.

Welcome to the world of suits and ties and responsibilities. Lots of responsibilities. Congratulations!

The more you earn for yourself, the more you can spend on friends like myself. Congratulations on your new job.

I’m feeling pity for the guy who hired you. He must be plain stupid or blind to choose someone like you to hire for the job. But congratulations anyway!

If you give me a treat on your new job, I’ll pray for your increment. If you don’t, I won’t. So the choice is yours. Best wishes!

Thank god someone finally realized that terrific employees like you need better pay. Congratulations.

Being employed is better than being unemployed but being employed for more money is even better. Congratulations on a job that pays more.


You got a new job which means you can finally give me all the pending treats. Best wishes for your new job!

Your previous employer’s loss is your new employer’s gain. Congrats on your new job.

May your new job bring make you a billionaire so that we can party at your expense. Congrats.

If your new job were a person, he would feel lucky to have you. Congratulations.

Your new job is one more addition to the list of things I envy you. Congratulations.

Funny Good Luck Messages for New Job

I hope you don’t annoy your new colleagues. Good luck with your new job, mate!

Best of luck with your work! I hope you finally learn how to wake up that early in the morning.

Wishing you very good luck on your first day at work! I hope you use your coffee breaks adequately, that is the most fun you will have at work.

Having a mind like yours and landing a job this fantastic is like winning the jackpot. I am incredibly proud of you. Good luck with your new job!

Best of luck getting out of bed early in the morning and going to sleep with all the stress 🤣

funny good luck messages for new job

Good luck with your days of formal dress-up, hassle, and lots of responsibilities.

Good luck to you on starting your new job! It might seem a bit scary at first but all workplaces get dull within a week. You’ll be just fine.

Look at you, got a new fancy job! Congratulations and good luck trying to fit in. Don’t let me down, I have a lot riding on you. Just kidding.

Best of luck on starting your new career! It will be easy as long as you pretend that you like your work. Happy for you!

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Funny Job Wishes For Friend

Congratulations on the new job buddy! I hope you don’t forget about me now that you have new responsibilities 😆

Sometimes deserving people get a bad job. And sometimes a stupid person finds a great job. But who cares when the stupid person is your friend 🤣 Congratulations!

Congratulations mate on your new job. Please give me a treat on this happy occasion, and I will pray for your increment. So happy for you.

Best wishes for your new job and new responsibilities. I hope you won’t disappear behind the files. Good luck, friend.

Waiting for the treat you are going to give us with your new salary! Congratulations, my friend!

Luck has played the part and landed you with a good job. Now be the donkey and work your best. Congrats.

Dear friend, congratulations on your new job. I hope you get paid enough to pay for all our party expenses. Best wishes.

Now that you have a job, can you pay your own bills now? Kidding. Congratulations, and I am so happy about you my dear friend!

I Wish you the best of luck my friend on your new job! Have fun wake up at 8 A.M!

I hope you continue to shine at your new office, as you always have. Congratulations!

Congratulations, on your new job! Now pay back all of your debts!

Funny Job Messages For Him

Along with congratulations, sending you lots of luck and prayers as you are going to need them. Best of luck.

Congratulations on being noticed and getting head counted. May you shine in your new office and make everyone jealous, love.


Don’t let your new job be a new excuse for not visiting me. Congratulations.

Congratulations on your new job. There is no doubt that your new employer is winning at life for having you- just make him believe. Lots of love.

Hoping you won’t make me jealous of your work and act like it is your mistress. Best of luck with your new job. Love you tons.

Congratulations and good luck, dear! I have already made a long list of things that you will buy me with your first salary!

As you got a new job, your pocket will get heavy. Don’t worry I’m here to lighten up your pocket for you!

I am so glad that your hard work is paying off. Congratulations on your new job!

Continue to make everyone proud at every turn of your life. You are going to be a blessing in the new office. Good luck and congratulations on your new job.

Funny Job Messages For Her

Darling, best of luck with the new job. Do not spend all your salary on your makeup 😛 Make me more proud of you. Love you.

Looking forward to the treat you are planning to give me in celebration of your new job. Slay the workplace, my queen. Best wishes.

Make all lies of the job application true. Have fun working, darling. I bet you will own the new job.

funny job messages for her

Hope your new job doesn’t go boring in a few weeks like the last one. Rooting for you, sweetheart.

Congratulations dear! Try to maintain a professional attitude at work rather than at home.

Congratulations, Ms. Inspirations! Yes, you’re an inspiration for all of us! Proud of you!

After all your hard work and hardship, you finally got the job you desired. Congratulations on your accomplishment.

A hard-working person like you deserved this position. I am ecstatic for you. Congratulations on your new position and best wishes.

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Funny Job Promotion Quotes

Heard you got a promotion! So when are you going to invite us to the party?

Congratulations! You’ve officially upgraded from ‘I work here’ to ‘I’m in charge here.’ 🤣

I know you’ll forever feel bored in this job, still congratulations on the promotion!

Thank goodness your boss has finally understood that great employees like you deserve more money!

funny job promotion quotes

You are one step closer to your dream! Continue to make us proud. Congratulations on your new position!

Congratulations on the promotion. Keep hustling like this, you’re gonna go places! You should be proud of yourself.

You’ve upgraded from team player to team captain. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility… and a much fancier job title. Congrats, superstar!

Congrats on the promotion! You climbed the corporate ladder so fast. It’s like you’re on an elevator. Save us a seat in your executive spaceship!

Funny New Job Messages

You are going to write a new chapter of life; no one looks at your past; how much you have lied in job applications, but the winner is who turns all those right. Go ahead and congratulations.

If you think your boss is stupid, remember: you wouldn’t have a job if he were any smarter. I’m kidding!!! Wish you good luck my best friend on your new job!

congratulations on your new job funny

It is proved once again that you don’t always need a brain to get a job. A horse may win you a race but a donkey is more preferable for carrying your loads!

It’s always great news when someone close to us gets a new job. I am really proud of you but thank god I don’t have to wake up at 8 A.M every morning!

I want a minions action figures, a new iPad charger and a hoodie. Oops, I thought I was writing what I am going to make you buy for me. Congrats, loving friend!

Hey dear, enjoy the life in both home and office; try to be professional at work, not at your home; else you will never be happy. This advice is free only for you. Congratulation and all the best.

Who would have thought that that boy who knows nothing but scroll his news feed is now an associate. Just kidding bro! Congratulations on your new job!

A job is a contract in which an employer promises to pay and the employee promises to do what it takes to get paid. Good luck with your promises.

Say goodbye to all your student discounts and say hello to your college debts! Welcome to the real world! It sucks, but it is exciting and fun. You will enjoy it. Congratulations!

They have no place for a brat in the corporate world. Stop being immature! Kidding. Wishing you all the best in this new chapter of your life! Have fun working! Congratulations!

From office politics to being the boss’ pet, there can be many reasons for getting promoted. But there is only one reason for getting headhunted: sheer merit. Congratulations on being handpicked for your new job.

Funny New Job Quotes

“The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.” — Oscar Wilde

“No matter how many lies you’ve said on job applications, the winner is the one who gets them all true. Congratulations!”

“Thank goodness I don’t have to deal with you all day now. Congratulations on your new job!”

“If hard work is the key to success, most people would rather pick the lock.” — Claude McDonald

“A new job is like a sponge. You can either let it soak up failures or you can squeeze every last drop of success from it.”

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job, because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” — Bill Gates

“Welcome to the circus… I mean, the team! Get ready for a wild ride filled with laughter and deadlines.”

“The reward for good work is more work.” – Francesca Elisia

“A new job is like a blank book, and you are the author. Congratulations.”

“Congratulations on the new job! Your career just did a mic drop. Now it’s time to pick up the success applause. Well done!”

Keep the humor alive as you congratulate your loved ones on their new job with a touch of pun. Send some funny best wishes that will make them laugh out loud. May these funny congratulations on the new job messages bring smiles to their faces and banish any nervousness. Boost their confidence with your words and let them feel the love, all wrapped up in a package of intended fun. Wish them good luck and hope their new office people are easily convinced that they’re not just competent but way smarter than they look. Keep the puns flowing and shower them with your heartfelt congratulations!