Funny Pregnancy Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Funny Pregnancy Wishes: Giving birth to a child is a heaven sent blessing, but the pregnancy period can be equally hard on the mothers. With all the mood swings, body changes, and new diet plans, an expectant mother goes through a lot during the 9 months of pregnancy. While it’s necessary to support her journey with warm pregnancy wishes, sometimes a funny pregnancy message full of sarcasm can make her day too! Funny pregnancy wishes are unique and a great way to cheer the mother up in an instant! Here’s a compilation of funny pregnancy wishes below!

Funny Pregnancy Wishes

May your mood swings be in your husband’s favor! Best wishes for your safe delivery!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Now you can think faster with two heads!

Here’s to not fitting in your dresses for the next 9 months! Have a safe pregnancy ahead!

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Congratulations for entering a period of life when you will have no periods.

Welcome to the beginning of the end of your freedom for the rest of your life. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Nausea, bloating, gas, frequent urination. pelvic pain, insomnia, acne, fatigue, facial hair, bleeding gums, backaches….yes, pregnancy is wonderful! Congratulations!

Your pregnancy will be a celebration for your family, a disaster for your career, and a calamity for your husband. Good luck and congratulations.

Being pregnant means that you can put your feet up and watch TV while your husband does the dishes. Congratulations enjoy every moment of it.

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Congratulations on getting pregnant! Good luck on surviving your midnight sweet cravings!

Wishing you uninterrupted sleep for the next few months! Good luck with your pregnancy days!

Funny Pregnancy Congratulations Messages

Pregnancy – the roller coaster ride which has no seat belts. Congratulations.

Congratulations for getting pregnant. Enjoy the luxury of getting your husband’s attention every time you make even a small sound – whether it is a painful moan or a smelly fart.

Peeing on a stick and preserving that stick is the starting of the many disgusting things you will do as a pregnant woman. Congratulations.

When you will found that you are pregnant, you will be so happy that there is no period for the upcoming 9 months. Congratulations.

OMG! You are having a baby! Sleep well now, it may be your last chance for the next three years! Congratulations.

Hormones and no alcohol. Interact at your own risk. Congratulations for your new development.

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Pregnancy – the longest, fattest and the most irritating nine months of your life. Congratulations.

Now that you are pregnant, can I borrow all your nice dresses? You won’t be able to fit in them anyways. Congratulations.

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Funny Pregnancy Quotes for Wife

My love, consider me your personal assistant for the next 9 months and make the most of it!

Dear wife, please list down your favorite ice cream flavors, and I will buy 10 tubs of each!

Love, you might be the one tolerating the kicks on your tummy, but I am with you in spirit!

Congratulations. Now you will have something to blame your weight gain on.

You will now have to eat for two people, drink for two people, breathe for two people and think for two people. Get ready to do everything in life on the double. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Funny Pregnancy Quotes for Friend

My friend, now you get to live like the queen of the house and order around! Congratulations!

To the future grumpy mom, the angel inside you is lucky indeed! Best wishes to you!

Sweetie, you will totally be the coolest and scariest mom ever! So happy for you!

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All your life you were learning how to be a good human being. Pregnancy will teach you how to be a good mother. Congratulations.

Pregnancy – the nine months that will wipe off your savings and ruin your bank balance. Congratulations on taking the first step towards financial downfall.

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Funny Pregnancy Quotes for Colleague

Congratulations on getting rid of boring office work for the next few months! Best wishes!

Catch up on all the sleep you have been deprived of! Have a safe pregnancy ahead!

If motherhood is similar to office work, bet you have a ‘Best Mom’ award coming up!

The craziest roller coaster ride in the world is not at Disneyland or Universal Studios, it is the nine months of pregnancy. Good luck and enjoy the twists and turns of your pregnancy.

Don’t expect any sympathy for your mood swings, morning sickness, or backaches during your pregnancy… because you have invited all these troubles yourself. Congratulations.

Funny Pregnancy Wishes for Sister

Congratulations on your pregnancy, sister! Please don’t call me crying on your sleepless nights!

Cheers to the upcoming crazy, fun, painful and exciting pregnancy days ahead! Good luck, sis!

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You will go through a lot of changes now. Let’s start with cutting off your fast food consumption!

You have officially graduated from the Small to Plus sizes for clothes at all your favorite shopping malls. Congratulations on getting pregnant.

The best part about being pregnant is that you will never have nightmares because you will not be able to sleep in the first place. Congratulations.

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Funny Pregnancy Quotes

Pregnancy is a great balance in life – it brings out the worst mood swings in a wife and the best levels of tolerance in a husband. Congratulations on getting pregnant and finding your balance.

Pregnancy is when you are officially allowed to swear and curse at your husband and blame it all on hormones. Make the most of it.

If the baby can hear everything inside the belly then I am pretty sure his first word is going to be F*ck. Congratulations.

The birth video they show in a birthing class can make a Quentin Tarantino film look like a Disney movie. Congratulations.

Nine months of pregnancy are God’s way of telling a woman that she can officially enslave her husband. Congratulations.

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You will gain weight, you will have mood swings, none of your clothes will fit and people will mistake you for being fat – welcome to the unglamorous world of pregnancy.

Be getting pregnant you have sacrificed parties, shopping sprees, and weekend outings for breastfeeding, changing nappies and doing extra laundry. Congratulations.

The only time you will feel blessed when someone kicks you is when your baby kicks inside your tummy during your pregnancy. Congratulations on getting pregnant.

You will go through a lot of changes in the coming nine months of your pregnancy. You will become crazier, weirder and creepier. Congratulations.

Enjoy your pregnancy because it is the only time a woman can get away with burping and farting and a man can get away with blaming his wife for her irritable mood swings.

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Expecting a baby is fantastic and a magical journey of motherhood for every woman. May you have someone whom you want to congratulate by funny pregnancy wishes and searching for a sarcastic way for pregnancy congratulations! There are many relationships among family and friends like a sister, sister in law, colleagues, close friends, and many others whom you can congratulate by funny pregnancy wishes on their most precious period of life. This post of funny pregnancy quotes is a place of unique ideas where you can get funny pregnancy congratulatory messages, and we can guarantee these are the best around the web.