120+ Sweet Good Night Messages For Your Friends

In our everyday busy lives, it is not always possible to check on our friends all the time. We get lost in workload and stress and fail to be there for our mates from time to time. But nighttime is a a precious chance to make up for it.

Let your dearest friends know that you care for them and think about them, and you can do so by sending a simple good night wish! Whether funny, inspiring, or sweet, you will find all sorts of messages below. So check them out and send your friend a sweet good night message!

Good Night Messages For Friends

Good night, my friend! May you have a great day tomorrow.

It feels really great to have a friend like you who I can always count on. Good night, sleep tight.

May angels bring all the sweetest dreams for you. May you have long and blissful sleep. Good night, my friends!

Dreams of today will become a reality tomorrow. Have a restful sleep on this peaceful night! Goodnight, friend!

I am very thankful to God. Because He gave me the most amazing person as a friend, it’s you, dear! Good night!

No one knows what tomorrow holds. So, stop worrying and start dreaming. Good night my dear friends!

Good night, dear. May tomorrow be a day full of opportunities for you, and may you rest with the sweetest dreams tonight. Sleep tight!

Our friendship is brighter than the moonlight. Because the moon only appears at night. But our friendship remains for 24 hours. Good night buddy.

May your dreams guide you to your goal, filling your heart with peace and happiness. Let all your worries and sadness surrender to the darkness and calmness of night. Good night, my friend.

You are unquestionably my biggest supporter; there is, and there will ever be! I cannot thank God enough for sending you as my friend. I have so many reasons to be grateful to you and so many reasons to believe that you’ll become successful one day. Good night!

good night quotes for friends

Good night, my dear friend! I hope you have a wonderful night of sleep. May you be whisked away in starry dreams.

Sending love and positive vibes to ensure you have an amazing night ahead. Have a good Night!!!

Sleep well and have sweet dreams, my wonderful friend. I hope you enjoy a soothing and comforting night of sleep. May your worries be forgotten.

May tomorrow bring you joy, happiness, and all the things you wish for. Now give yourself a rest so that you can give your best tomorrow. Good night.

I wish you a good night, not because the day is over but because tomorrow promises to be an eventful one. Finally, nothing beats a good night’s sleep after a challenging day. Good night, buddy!

You have always excelled in life more than all of us. I always pray for your long health. Sleep well so that you may have a great day ahead. Good night, buddy.

I am lucky to have found a friend like you. I am sending this message with lots of love. Good night friend. Have a sweet dream.

May the restful night become the source of energy for a new day in your life! Wishing you a tight sleep and good night!

The night is dark and long. I wish you a peaceful sleep which will take away all the tiredness. Good night dear. Have a sweet dream.

good night messages for friends

It feels great to have someone to wish a good night before we go to sleep. For me, it’s a double pleasure because that someone is my best friend. Good night!

Sometimes I am goofy, but don’t ever think that I don’t care. No matter what, for you, I will always be there. Good night.

The reason I wish you good night every day is not that I feel like I should do this as a friend, but I want to inspire you to do all the big things in life that you wish to do. You will achieve your dreams someday because you are a winner. Good night!

If you feel lonely don’t worry. I am here to disturb you all the time 😛 Now sleep well. Good night dear. Have a wonderful scary dream!

Sending warm hugs to help you sleep well, my friend! Sweet dreams!

Stop thinking about all the things people said to hurt your feelings. Just hold on tightly to the memories of all the times someone made you smile. Good night.

In this beautiful night, I am sending a charming message to a charming person. Goodnight dear best friend. Have a nice sleep.

All I want is to wish you a good night because you are the very last thought on my mind before I go to sleep!

As the sun sets, lovers send each other hugs and kisses while friends send each other luck and wishes. I hope that this night brings you luck that helps you fulfill all your dreams. Good night.

Good night, new buddy! Heading to bed with the excitement of a fantastic journey together. Can’t wait to see what adventures await us! Sleep well.

When the night comes, we may not be with each other anymore. But the warmth of our friendship is always there to comfort us. Good night my friend.

Since the day I met you, my life has changed for the better in every way. I can’t get a good night’s rest until I text you first. Have a wonderful sleep, my friend!

No need to be upset for any reason in life ever because I’m always here to have your back. Good night dear friend!

You must be feeling so tired after an entire day of listening to all my useless words. It’s time to sleep now. Wish you have the best sleep and the sweetest dreams of your life. Good night.

When I wake up in the morning, I know my day is going to be great because I have a friend like you who can make my days special. Good night and rest tight!

Good night friend. I’ll be praying that all the dreams you have tonight become a beautiful reality when you wake up. Cheers!

Good Night Wishes for Your Best Friends

Having wonderful friends like you makes life worthwhile. Goodnight, my dear best buddy!

My best friend, I love you for being the sunshine in my life; you brighten my world. Without you, I sometimes wonder if I would even smile. Good night.

Good night, bestie Thank you for always being there for me. I wouldn’t survive this world without you. I love you 💖

When I think of what we do together, I feel blessed to have such a genuine friend like you. You are the one I think of right when I start my day and the one I think of when I go to bed. Thanks for being the person you are! Good night my best friend!

A gentle reminder before you wind down in bed – you’ve been my best buddy, you are my best buddy, and you will be my best buddy till the end of time. Sleep well.

You know God has given us the night to remove our stress, sadness, and tiredness. So utilize the time. Go to sleep and relax. Good night bestie.

If I ever start to get overwhelmed by the stresses of life, I just relive the wonderful times we’ve had together. I pray that God grants you a restful and beautiful night. Goodnight, and rest easy!

I hope your dreams are sweet and full of joy. Goodnight, beautiful!

I know I take you for granted every now and then even though you are my bestie, but being alone every night reminds me of how precious you are to me.

I hope sweet dreams become your new constant, just as you’ve been my constant since forever. Sleep tight, dear bestie (Name).

good night message to my best friend

Everyday I go to bed with a happy mind, knowing that I have the best friend in the entire world. Good night! Thanks for existing!

Even on days that start rough, being with you turns them bright. Goodnight, my best friend, (Name)!

Your friendship has been a true blessing in my life. I believe you feel the same.. I hope you have a good night, dear.

I could have sent you a funny joke, inspirational quote, or a sweet message. But I have chosen to remind you that we are best friends simply. Because our friendship itself makes our lives FUNNY, INSPIRATIONAL, and SWEET. Good Night!

When I say good night to special friends like you, it is an all-in-one wish which means Good Night, Sweet Dreams, I Miss You and See You Soon!

Dear BFF, you are the most beautiful-minded person I have ever met. I wish you a very charming and peaceful night. Good night dear.

Thank you God for giving me these precious gifts: my friends! Look after them while sleeping because I want to spend another day with them. Good night!

Every moment of every day is spent thinking about you, and every second of every night is spent yearning for you. Good night, sweetie. Get some rest so you can start your day feeling energized.

May everything work in your favor, and may God gift you with a hopeful heart for all the tomorrows to come. Good night!

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Short Good Night Texts For Friends

Thank you for being my best friend; may you have sweet dreams.

Today must have been stressful, so take proper rest now! Good night!

Sleep tight, buddy! Go visit the dreamland and have a nice time with fairies!

Dream big and dream wild because you are just as big as your dreams! Good night!

Wishing you the sweetest of dreams. Good night, mate.

Good night, (Friend Name). Our friendship is a forever kind of thing.

A friend like you isn’t easy to find, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Good night!

Dream big and dream wild

I appreciate everything you do for me. Sweet dreams!

Dear friend, sleep well tonight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite you!

Enjoy the nice cool breeze and get a good sleep tonight! Good night!

May the day’s tension disappears into the night’s quiet. Good night, friend!

If today was bad, tomorrow is gonna be your day, I promise! Good Night!

It is nice to have a friend like you. Thank you, my friend. Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

I miss you, friends! Hoping to see you tomorrow. Good night!

May your dreams be full of wonderful thoughts and lovely things. Good night!

Wishing your dreams to be sweeter than chocolate. Rest your mind and heart well.

Good Night Message for Friend in Long Distance

Miles apart, but I’m still thinking of wishing you a good night before I go to sleep. That’s how important you are to me dear friend!

You’ve been a true friend and genuine support for me. I may not always be with you, but my thoughts will always find you wherever you are. Good night!

The distance may take its toll on us, but it won’t leave a mark on our friendship. Have a good night, buddy.

Dreams come in the night but the way to make them reality shows upright in the morning. Wishing you a good night from miles away!

I know you are thinking of me just as I am thinking of you right now. That’s why you and I are best friends. Good night, dear!

Good Night Message for Friend in Long Distance

May the sweet silence of the night and colorful dreams are your companion tonight. Wishing you good night from a distance!

Your thoughts are the first thing on my mind in the morning and the final thing before I fall asleep at night. I hope you have a restful night.

A lot has changed in these years, but our relationship has remained the same. Thank you for staying in touch with me. Now, I must say good night. While you sleep, the world will keep going on around you.

Funny Good Night Messages for Friends

Always dream big my friend, because it’s the only thing you’re good at 😛 Have a sound sleep!

There is nothing wrong with feeling lonely in the dark. Always remember, nobody likes you even in the daylight! Good night 🤣

Tomorrow is gonna be the same repeated cycle of eat-study-work-eat, so you better get some proper rest! Sleep tight!

Good night, best friend. I hope you don’t appear in my dreams again, because that turns my good dream into scary nightmares. Just kidding. Sleep tight.

Good night, bestie. I hope that you have a happy ending with your crush when you see him/her in your dreams tonight.

You no longer have to count sheep to doze off. Close your eyes and start counting all the happy memories we’ve shared together. Good night!

funny good night message for friend

You are such a good friend to me that I never hesitate to disturb you even in the middle of the night. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend! Good night!

If you feel lonely on this night, think about the scary faces and ghosts. Can you see them? Good night my friend. Have a nice sleep.

I used up all my energy in laughing all day! You’re all fantastic! Let’s recharge for we need more energy tomorrow. Good night!

Sleep as early as you can so that you can dream about all the pranks we can play in class and all the fun we can have at school tomorrow. Good night.

Good dreams come to those who sleep so close your eyes and go to sleep! Your dreams can’t come when you’re wide awake! Shut those peepers and get some sleep!

We have always been the best friends and have done everything together. So you should dream about your crush tonight and I will dream about mine.

The dark circles under your eyes are darker than your future, so why don’t you sleep on time for once? Good night to you!

Your body organs just called me to complain about how much you are exploiting them, so please sleep timely! Have a good sleep!

We’ve been daydreaming for a long time, it’s time to have some night dreams too. Good night, dear friend!

Early to bed and early to rise; it makes a man healthy for sure! But wealthy and wise? I don’t think so! Good night!

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Good Night Message for a Female Friend

Put your mind at ease and remember that today is now ending, and tomorrow will be a better one. Good Night, dear sweetling. Have a nice sleep.

Just because you had a bad day, don’t think you won’t be having a good one tomorrow. Look forward, good things are waiting for you, Good night, beautiful.

Sweet dreams, sweet friend of mine. May the night fill your heart with peace, calmness, and hopes for better days ahead. A strong girl like you deserves the best.

Good Night Message for a Female Friend

May sleep gets the best of you and re-energize you for tomorrow’s hectic schedule. Have a good night’s sleep, dear female friend.

Relax and try to focus on the positive energy around you. May the upcoming day behold good things to keep your smile on. Sweet dreams, dear friend.

Sending you a good night wish puts me in a calm headspace. Hope you will wake up with positive energy. Have a sound sleep, dear friend.

Hope you have a calm and peaceful night my dearest female friend. Please do take care of yourself. Love you so much.

Wishing you a sound sleep, dear friend. Hope you have a wonderful dream. Love you, dear friend.

Let’s hope the closet monster stays far, far away from your room tonight. And may you have dreams of a fairytale instead. Sleep tight, beautiful!

Wishing you good night is part of my unwinding routine, and I hope it brings you the peace and love you deserve. Good night, dear friend.

Good night if this message finds you awake. If it’s morning already, may your day be a charming one, a reward for the charm you bring to my life.

Good Night Quotes for Friends

“The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.” – E. Joseph Cossman

“Life is full of new beginnings, and a new day tomorrow brings, sleep well.” – Catherine Pulsifer

“The memories of our friendship are like the radiance of the moon and the fun times we’ve had together are like the twinkle of the stars that light up my life’s skies. Good night.”

“You shine brighter in my life than any star in the darkness. I hope you have bright, lovely dreams tonight. Have a restful night.”

“You have worked hard all day, and now your body needs to rest. So good night my dear friend. May you wake up feeling refreshed and recharged.”

good night wishes for friends

“Goodnight. Sleep awaits those of us who dare to dream.” – Anthony T. Hincks

“I wish for you a good night, a good sleep, and when you awake with energy and passion you will abound.” – Kate Summers

“A beautiful day full of wonders awaits you. Submit yourself to the night and wake up on time! Good night my friend!”

“Good health and a good day never come without good sleep. Always remember this my friend. Good night!”

“You will only be able to enjoy your night if you stop thinking about yesterday and stop worrying about tomorrow. So sleep tight and Good night.”

“Good night. Let the stars light the way to where your dreams can be found awaiting your arrival.” – Anthony T. Hincks

“Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say good night till it be morrow.” – William Shakespeare.

“A peaceful sleep can refresh your body and soul like nothing else. May you have a sound sleep, my dear! Good night!”

“Take a visit to the land of dreams before you wake up again to carry on chasing your dreams. Good night!”

“I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.” – Stephenie Meyer

“The world is your stage and you are gonna shine bright like a star! My friend, leave your worries for the morning and sleep well! Good night!”

“You make me proud with your words and actions, so don’t give up even if days are hard on you. You are a fighter! Sleep well now!”

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Friendship is a special bond made once but never broken. Friends are always there to pick you up or go down with you! Good friends are like precious gemstones, so if you have some in your life, cherish them as much as you can! We need to take the time to buy one another’s worth regularly as friends. That’s why we need to emphasize that they are always in our thoughts and that our relationship is as powerful as ever.

Daily schedules may not allow you to meet up with your friends often, but you can always be in touch with them through virtual networks! This is one of the best ways to say good night to friends through text messages. After a long day, they know they are special to you, making all the difference. Your encouraging words may give your tired friends an energy boost and solidify your bond. These good night messages for friends are a great way to let them know you care about them and are thinking about them as they fall asleep.