Islamic Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Messages and Duas

Islamic Anniversary Wishes: Anniversaries are one of the most memorable and enjoyable moments that come once a year. Islamic wedding or marriage anniversary wishes wordings are not like general anniversary wishes but they should be full of duas, blessings, and appreciation. These Islamic anniversary wishes can express your feelings. Send Duas and prayers for a happy marriage anniversary to your spouse, friends, sibling, or parents. You can make the moment memorable by sending Duas and good vibes.

Islamic Anniversary Wishes

Happy Wedding Anniversary! May Allah make you eternal companions to each other!

Wishing the holy blessings of Allah to shine upon your marriage! Happy Nikah Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, my love. May Allah keep our bond strong forever In sha Allah.

islamic wedding anniversary wishes

Happy Anniversary! May you both live a fruitful married life on the path of Islam.

Wishing you a Happy Marriage Anniversary! Sending our dua to this pious couple!

I’m thankful to Allah that He has given you to me, and I’ll keep you mine forever. Happy Anniversary.

Happy wedding anniversary to my favorite couple. You guys make me believe in love and marriage. Barak Allah! May Allah always protect you from evil eyes and bestow you with His blessings and favors. Stay happy and blessed together, always and forever. Amen!

You are the most lovely couple I had ever seen! Barak Allah! May Allah’s blessings and protection be with you always. Be happy always. Wishing you a happy anniversary!

Always keep in mind that staying together happily is a kind of blessing from Allah. So, pray to Allah for staying together for the rest of your life. Wishing you a joyous happy anniversary!

MashALLAH, after all these years, you are still madly in love with each other. May Allah Talah guide you, keep you on the right path that leads to Jannah and make this journey enjoyable and full of happiness. Happy wedding anniversary.

happy nikah anniversary

Happy wedding anniversary, my dears. May Allah SubhanahuwaTa’ala shower your marriage with happiness, love, and blessings.

You’re a perfect example that Allah answered my Dua. Thanks for completing my deen. Happy Anniversary to us.

You are the Queen of my Duniya and Akhirah. I love you for your Imaan. Happy Anniversary.

Alhamdulillah! You walked together! It’s a blessing. I hope you’ll walk together rest of your life. Be happy always. Happy anniversary!

Alhamdulillah, another year was spent with you, my dear. May Allah will keep us together forever In Sha Allah.

To a lovely couple, I sent the heartiest congratulation and a lot of love for your anniversary. Happy Anniversary Dear! May Allah bless you and your spouse!

A marriage becomes successful when you can live with your spouse in every situation. If you can do this that means Allah is always with you. Happy anniversary dear!

MASHALLAH, you both have come this far, and it is such a blessing that you are still strong together. May Allah keep your bond strong and protected, and you achieve many milestones together. I wish a Wonderful and joyous wedding anniversary to the power couple.

islamic anniversary wishes

Its blessing to hear about your anniversary. Alhamdulillah! Stay together rest of your life. Our wishes are always with you! Barakallah!

Today is your anniversary. Subhan Allah! Always stay together. Wish you an eternal life of togetherness!

Alhamdulillah! You stay together! If you can stay together peacefully for the rest of your life, you may stay together hereafter in Jannah! Dear, my duas to you for a happy married life together forever. Happy anniversary both of you!

In a relationship there always remain bad times as well as good times. But you should encounter all the situations together. If you can do that means you are under the blessings of Allah! I wish you and your spouse a sweet marriage anniversary!

Today is your anniversary but it looks like yesterday was your marriage day! Time goes so fast. Stay together always as now. May Allah bless you! Happy anniversary both of you!

May Allah bless you both. I wish that Allah give you a pious, healthy and beautiful child and you teach them according to Islam and make them perfect for Muslim Ummah! Happy anniversary dear!

Marriage is a very important part of our life. Every person can’t deal with it properly. You guys did it beautifully. So I want to congratulate you once again. May Allah bless you! Happy anniversary and wishing you a happy life!

Allah SubhanahuwaTa’ala made you both for each other and tied you in a beautiful relation of nikkah. And look at you guys; you have completed another successful year together. Indeed, having someone in your life that supports and loves you unconditionally is the biggest blessing of ALLAH, and you guys are the luckiest to have this blessing. Keep laughing and shining together. Happy Nikkah Anniversary!

Islamic Anniversary Wishes For Husband

Happy Anniversary! May we stay together not only in this world but also in Jannah.

Being with you is a glimpse of the blessings Allah has graced me with! Happy Anniversary!

Happy wedding anniversary to my beloved husband. May Allah fill our hearts and lives with all good deeds and protect us from sins.

islamic wedding anniversary wishes for husband

Happy Anniversary, love! We have reached another milestone with the grace of Allah!

Happy Wedding Anniversary, dear! You have always treated me with kindness and generosity like a true Muslim. May Allah keep gracing us with His blessings!

Dear, Allah has gifted me with the most wonderful, thoughtful, and pious husband, and I am grateful for that every day! Happy Anniversary to you!

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Islamic Anniversary Wishes For Wife

Happy Anniversary, wife! May Allah always grant our sincere prayers and bless us!

My dear lovely wife, you are always in my heartfelt duas and wishes! Happy Wedding Anniversary!

By Allah’s grace, we have completed another year of love and happiness. Happy Anniversary to you!

Islamic Anniversary Wishes For Wife

Happy Anniversary, dear. May Allah keep love, trust and kindness kindled in our hearts forever and bless our bond! You truly are a beautiful gift of my life!

I am grateful to Allah every day for bringing us together and tying us in this eternal bond! May happiness never leave our side. Happy Wedding Anniversary, love.

Happy marriage anniversary dear wife. In every step of life, you must need the divine blessing of Allah. May the divine blessing of Allah make your life more beautiful.

Happy Nikah Anniversary For Parents

Mubarak for another happy anniversary Mom and Dad. My Duas are always with you.

Alhamdulillah for another year of love and happiness. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.

All praises to Allah that He brought both of you close and blessed you with happily ever after. May He keep you in happiness always!

islamic wedding anniversary wishes for parents

Mashallah, together you make the best couple in the world, mom and dad. Congratulations on your marriage anniversary. May Allah keep you happy and healthy forever.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. By the grace of Allah, you have happily spent another year together sharing the love. May Allah bless you and strengthen your bond.

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Islamic Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Sister

Happy Anniversary, sister. Praying to Allah for your happy married life. May Allah keeps you happy together.

May your love grow stronger day by day. My best wishes and Duas for you on this Anniversary.

Anniversary Mubarak, sister. May Allah increase the love you share and keeps you safe from the evil eye.

Islamic Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Sister

Sister, you’re one of the best couples in my eyes! MashAllah! May Allah increase the love in your heart and make way for Jannah for each other. Wishing you a happy anniversary, sister.

MashAllah, you never get tired of each other even after all these years. May Allah make the path of your journey easier for you. Happy Anniversary, sister.

Happy anniversary sister. I can’t comprehend how fast time flies. I remember attending your marriage, and now it is your anniversary. But I am writing with utmost joy and happiness to congratulate you and your spouse on your anniversary.

Islamic Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Brother

May your love transcends this world and reach the gardens of Jannah! Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary you two! Praying that Allah always protects your beautiful bond!

May this joyous occasion become the symbol of your eternal happiness! Happy Nikah Anniversary!

nikah anniversary wishes

Brother, Happy Anniversary! May Allah grant your holy wishes and bless you dearly!

Happy Wedding Anniversary, dear brother! Our blessings are with you! May the teachings of Islam lead you two to a peaceful and prosperous married life!

Sending our heartfelt wishes and prayers for the most wonderful couple! On this occasion of your wedding anniversary, we pray for Allah’s blessing and grace!

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Nikah Anniversary Wishes

Dear, I become very glad to know about your anniversary! And eagerly waiting for an anniversary party! By the way, May Allah bless you! I’m praying to Allah for your happy life. Anniversary Mubarak!

May Allah keep you and your family happy and filled your existence with happiness. Mashallah!, here is another year of your glory. I’m really very happy to see you like a cute couple. Happy anniversary!

Oh, Allah! Keep the most beautiful couple in peace. You are the Merciful! Please put mercy in their heart! Nikah Anniversary Mubarak to both of you!

Mubarak for your nikah anniversary! Always keep in mind that the person who always tries to raise your Iman is the best person in your life. Best wishes to you!

Our creator! There is a wish of mine! Today is the cutest couple’s anniversary. So, increase their love for each other and make their bonding stronger than before. Dua for peace and happiness in your home!

Oh, Allah! You are the greatest creator. Give them love, faith, and happiness in the world and in Jannah! Dua for peace and love in the family!

islamic wedding anniversary messages

Happy anniversary to the power couple. You two are made for each other and look perfect together. Barak ALLAH!

Dear, Do you know that love between a Muslim couple as husband and wife is one kind of Sunnah! So, not only as a married couple but also as a Muslim always try to keep a loving relationship with each other. Happy marriage anniversary!

Allah, keep your blessings upon this loving couple as they can stay together rest of their life! May you have a very happy life with each other! Happy Anniversary blessing to both of you!

Today I noticed that everything is getting changed. Can’t understand anything. It looks like the soft air, the sweet sound of birds, and the fragrance of flowers all announce something. Yes, it’s your Nikkah Anniversary Mubarak!

Assalamualaikum! In our life, we face different experiences. Some are good and some are bad. Whether the circumstances are good or bad the real success of a married couple is to stay together in every situation. Blessed Marriage Anniversary Wishes for both of you!

Dear, in every situation of your life always try to be on the side of your spouse! It’s Sunnah! It’s your duty as a Muslim couple. May Allah bless you! Nikka Anniversary Mubarak!

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Wedding Anniversary Dua

Ya Rab! I have a wish. Today marks the anniversary of this pious couple, and I wish them a life full of happiness, glory, and Iman. ALLAH, show mercy to them as You are most Merciful. I congratulate you & your spouse on a very happy wedding anniversary.

Happy marriage anniversary. May Allah SubhanahuwaTa’ala keep you both happy and together here and in Jannah. Wishing All the best to you and your family!

Thank Allah that He united you both into this holy and pious relation of marriage. May Allah keep you content and satisfied in each other’s company and bestow you with eternal companionship. May you receive beautiful, righteous, and obedient children. Happy Nikkah Anniversary to the adorable couple.

Marriage is the beautiful blessing of ALLAH as it completes one’s half deen. SubhanAllah!! Happy nikkah anniversary, guys. My duas and love for you.

Oh my Lord! Make the bonding of my friends and his/her spouse strong enough as the sea and the river! As if they can’t stay without each other! Stay together rest of your life. Happy Nikkah Anniversary!

Marriage is one of the amazing blessings of Allah (Subhanahu Wa Taala). It is a Halal and blessed contract where both partners complete half deen of each other. If any of your Muslim friends or relative is having a wedding or marriage anniversary, you should wish them a happy life in the future. Send duas and congratulate them for making their Nikha successful. But choosing the right words for an anniversary wishes is sometimes difficult. These wonderful Islamic wedding anniversary wishes and nikah messages are for Muslim couples. When you wish your close ones with these Islamic greetings messages, they just cannot help saying Shukran by seeing them and thank you for such an amazing wish.