Islamic Newborn Wishes, Quotes and Dua

In Islam, we consider a newborn nothing less than an eijaz, a miracle. And rightfully so, since children are a blessing from Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. According to narrations, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to pray and seek blessings for newly born infants. So, it is mustahabb to congratulate the lucky parents, send your dua and best wishes for the newborn. Here are a few Islamic newborn wishes and congratulations messages you can offer to the parents and family. These Islamic newborn wishes and dua collection will help you celebrate the new arrival with divine blessings. In sha Allah, these will put a smile on their face.

Islamic Newborn Wishes

May Allah reward the newborn with good health, a kind heart, and a righteous life on the path of Islam.

Congratulations to you and your family. Indeed, Allah has provided barakah through your newborn. So happy to hear the news! Jazak’Allah Khair.

Wishing all the happiness to the newborn and your family. May Allah bless you wholeheartedly.

Islamic newborn wishes

May Allah bless your baby boy with a good soul and make him one of His favorites. I wish him good health, success, and hidayah.

I wish Allah makes your girl obedient to Him, His Messenger (peace be upon him), and you. May she become the coolness of your eyes.

Masha’Allah! May these two little angels always be surrounded by Allah’s love and protection. Congratulations on your beautiful twins.

Mabrouk! I wish the little one grows up to find peace and guidance through Quran and Sunnah, learn taqwa, and fear none but Allah.

I am so happy for the newborn baby. I pray for Allah to give all the blessings and wisdom to the baby.

Delighted to welcome a wonderful newborn to the family. Prayers to the Almighty Allah and love for the little one.

Islamic Newborn Wishes for Baby Boy

Congratulations! What a happy moment for you! May Allah increase this happiness over time and grant you precious moments with your son.

May Allah transform your happiness of having a baby boy into the pride of being the parents of a righteous Muʾmin. I hope he grows up humble and kind to you.

My heartiest wishes for the baby boy on his birth. Allah provides you with the most wonderful gift. May you find blessings and peace in him.

islamic newborn wishes for baby boy

May Allah look after this child always, protect him against evil eyes, and fill his soul with faith. My prayers are always with him.

I pray for you and the newborn baby boy to have a beautiful life ahead and may all be blessed by Allah’s wisdom.

May Allah bless the baby boy with much wisdom and guidance. I pray for him to have a bright future and a wonderful life ahead.

I pray to Allah for your baby boy to grow up healthy with a life full of happiness and good will. Wishing all the best to him and your family.

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Islamic Newborn Wishes for Baby Girl

A daughter is an honor granted by Allah, a reward in one’s favor on the day of judgment. May Allah make you thankful for such a precious gift.

Congratulations on welcoming the new member. May Allah reward you in this life and the one after for raising her righteous.

May Allah bless your little one with solid Imaan and akhlaq. In sha Allah, she will grow up into a great Muslimah.

islamic newborn wishes for baby girl

I want to wish you with all my prayers and love for your newborn baby girl. May Allah bless her with happiness and health.

Best wishes and many more for your baby girl. I hope the Almighty Allah has chosen the best path for her. I wish her the best of luck in the future.

Wishing the cutest baby girl all the happiness and peace. The Almighty Allah looks after everyone and may His blessing find her heart.

I pray and hope your baby girl has a wonderful and fulfilling life ahead by the grace of Allah. I hope you and your family take care as well.

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Dua For New Born Baby In Islam

O Allah, accept this beautiful child as a righteous ummah of Muhammad (SAW) and make his parents proud. Ameen.

“Our Lord, grant us delight in our spouses and our children, and make us a good example for the righteous.” – Quran 25:74

May Allah make the newborn a part of everything Prophet Muhammad (SAW) prayed for and protect him from everything He (SAW) prayed against. Ameen.

My heartiest Dua goes out to the baby girl. I wish and pray for her to grow up healthy and have a successful life.

dua for new born baby in islam

“May Allah bless you in His gift to you, may you give thanks to the giver of this gift, may the child reach the maturity of years, and may you be granted its righteousness.” – Hasan al Basri (RH)

“My Lord, grant me (a child) from among the righteous.” – Surah Safaat 100, Dua of Ibrahim (A.S.)

“May Allah make the child a blessing for you and a blessing for the Umma of Muhammad (SAW).” – Ayyub al-Sakhtiyani (RH)

“Oh Allah bestow onto me from You, pure children. Verily you are the listener of du’aas.” – Surah Al Imran 38, Dua of Zakariya (A.S.)

I send my Dua to the beautiful newborn baby girl. May Allah bless her with peace and joy throughout her life.

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Welcoming a newborn baby into anyone’s family is a blessing. We all share the gratitude and warmth of a newly introduced member of the family. As children are gifts from the Almighty Allah, their birth is a special occasion for all of us. What makes the day even more special is a curated wish and dua for such an occasion. When you send a beautiful message, it is received with compassion and love. Alongside that, you’re blessing the family and the baby for their future. With the blessing, you can also give out small gifts to make your wish feel even more wholesome. It is a beautiful moment to come together and appreciate our bond. May Allah bless us all.