150+ Navratri Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Navratri is celebrated by the Hindu community worldwide over the span of nine days where the triumph of good over bad is celebrated. When Maa Durga – a mighty Goddess killed the demon named Mahishashur, the world decided to welcome this victory with a chain of festivities called Navratri. To make this joyous occasion even brighter, we present a collection of Navratri wishes and messages written in English. Use them to wish your friends and family through texts, social media, or by sending your loved ones a card.

Happy Navratri Wishes

May the Goddess Durga removes all your sufferings and sorrows. Wishing you a happy Navratri!

Happy Navratri! May Durga Maa continue to shower you with blessings in this year and the upcoming years.

Happy Navratri to everyone. May the Navratri bring hope and inspiration to your home and life!

Happy Navaratri

Let the peace and serenity of Navratri bring happiness and prosperity to your life. Happy Navratri.

Have a blessed Navratri, friend. May Maa Durga bless happiness, success, and health onto you and your family.

May your life be filled with happiness, prosperity, and good health. Happy Navratri, my love.

Happy Navratri. May these nine auspicious days of Navratri bring immense joy and peace to your life.

Happy Navratri to everyone. I hope Goddess Durga blesses you all with every good thing in the world.

I wish you get blessed with happiness and may all your dreams come true on this delightful occasion. Happy Navratri 2023!

Wish you a blessed Navratri this year. May Goddess Durga pour Her immense mercy on you and offer you a happy, prosperous life with your loved ones.

Mata Durga is the most powerful Goddess in the universe. May Her divine power eradicate your difficulties and hardships this year. Warm wishes to Navratri.

Navaratri Wishes

All I wish this Navratri from Goddess Durga is for you to stay healthy and happy, and for you to achieve all your wishes and dreams. Happy Navratri.

May each day of these nine holy nights bring happiness and prosperity to your life. Happy 1st Day of Navaratri.

May you and your family be protected by the power of goddess Durga forever. Enjoy this beautiful occasion of Navratri with your family and close ones!

May all your wishes come true during this holy occasion. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the grace of Maa Durga. Wishing you a colorful Sharda Navratri!

Sending my best wishes to everyone for a joyous Navratri. Have fun and celebrate with your heart’s content!

May the goddess Durga ushers your life with happiness, peace, and positivism throughout the year. Have a wonderful Navratri! Enjoy the occasion with your family and friends!

May the true Mother Durga bless you and your family with all her wonderful blessings. Happy Navratri from my family to yours.

Wishing you wonderful nine nights of devotion and happiness. Happy Navaratri.

navratri wishes messages

May the Goddess Durga illuminate your life with countless blessings and give you lots of happiness. Happy Navratri 2023!

May you become victorious over all the problems in life just like the goddess Durga emerged victorious over the evil. Wishing you nine wonderful nights of peace and happiness!

I wish this Navratri will bring you all happiness in this world. May you and your family be always blessed by the divine gifts of Durga. Happy Sharda Navratri 2023!

May Maa Durga removes all the obstacles and dangers in our life. Have a safe celebration of Nava\ratri.

Wish everybody a blessed and happy Navratri. Enjoy to the fullest and pay devotion with gratitude.

Let us pray for eternal peace and happiness on this Navratri. May Maa Durga respond to all of our prayers and fulfill them.

Navratri Wishes for Him

My love, you are one of those blessings from Maa Durga that I’ll cherish forever. Happy Navratri!

May Maa light up your life like this colorful occasion. Wishing you a happy Navaratri, dear.

I pray to Maa Durga to bless you with prosperity and health, for you deserve it. You are the most wonderful man and deserve everything good that comes your way. Have a blessed Navratri.

My love, I am wishing you a very happy Navratri! I pray Maa Durga gives you strength and courage. I adore you truly.

Sweetheart, I am as fortunate to have you in my life as Lord Shiva is to have Maa Parvati. Hope this Navratri completes your life with the love and blessings of Goddess Durga. Blessed Navratri.

Wishing you a happy Navratri my love. My Navratri is special because I get to spend it with you.

Navratri Wishes for Him

May Maa Durga’s blessings be with you always, my darling. Have a joyful Navratri!

My heart wants only the best for you always and this Navaratri is not exceptional at all. Wish you a very safe and happy celebration of Navaratri.

These nine nights will make Maa Durga extra happy because she knows how respectful you are of women. May Maa Durga bless you with prosperity and success throughout your life.

May the ‘Orni’ of Maa Durga always give you shades of peace and bring respect for you because you deserve it. Happy Navratri dear.

Maa Durga is the most generous and my heart hopes her blessings will be always with you. Happy Navratri 2023!

Let this Navratri be the end of a wonderful year together and the start of a much more wonderful journey together. I love you! Happy Navratri!

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Navratri Wishes for Her

My love, you are one of the blessings that I’ve forever asked for. Happy Navratri to you!

I wish that you achieve the strength and power of Maa Durga and reflect them through your attitude and actions. I wish that Maa Durga loves you more than me. Happy Navratri Sweetheart.

My dearest, I pray these nine days and nights of Navratri to brighten your life. Best wishes to you!

May Durga Maa grant me the strength to always be at your side. This Navratri, I’m sending you, my love.

My head bows before Maa Durga and my heart bows before you. My devotion goes to her and my love goes to you. Wishing you nine nights of celebration, laughter, and love. Happy Navratri dear.

May Maa keep you happy and healthy all year round. Wishing you a happy Navratri!

May the universal power bless you with all kinds of success and bring all the pretty things in your life because you deserve all the pretty things, my prettiness. Have a safe Navaratri celebration.

Here I hope Maa Durga inspires you with her wisdom, strength, love, positivity, and devotion. Shuva Navaratri beautiful.

I pray that Maa Durga bless you with all her nine avatars. May her blessing stays with you not only these nine days but all of your life. Shuva Navratri my prettiness.

This holy occasion always reminds me of all the blessings I have received in life. You are one special gift among them. I wish you a wonderful time with your family!

May the Goddess maa Durga always guide you in every step of your life. May you have a good time with your friends and family, my love. Wishing you a happy Navratri.

Navratri Wishes For Friends and Family

My dearest friend. I pray and hope that Maa Durga blesses all good things, good health, and long life for you and your family. Have a great Navratri!

Happy Navrati, my friend!! May Maa Durga bestow good prosperity and fortune to you and your family.

My dearest friends, wish you and your families a joyous Navratri. May Goddess Durga come to your home to bless you with good health, wealth, knowledge and positive energy.

Happy Navratri to you and your family. Let us all pray to Maa so that she blesses us with happiness, good health, and prosperity.

May the goddess bless you and your family with her numerous blessings. I hope you have one of the best Navratri this year. Wishing a blissful Navratri to you and your family.

I pray and hope Durga maa bless our friendship and we get to spend many Navratris together in the future. Happy Navratri!


Let our friendship grow even more this Navratri. Happy Navratri.

Best wishes of Navratri to all my friends wherever you are. Happy Navratri.

Defeat the evil in life with the blessings of Maa Durga. May this Navratri bring peace and prosperity to you and your family! Happy Navratri!

Happy Navratri to you my friend. Do you know what’s bad about Navratri? It says “No Meat for Nine Days.”

May this Navratri turn your darkness into light and make your failures into successes! Happy Navratri to you and your family.

On this auspicious day of Navratri, I wish for all the good things for you! Have a safe and great Navratri with your family and friends.

Navratri Wishes for Husband or Wife

May maa shower you with all Her blessing, my love. Wishing you a happy Navratri.

May Maa Durga bless our bond today and forever. I cordially thank Her on this day for sending you into my life. Happy Navratri, my dear.

Dearest husband, on this holy occasion of Navratri, I pledge to Maa Durga for your long life. May the goddess bless you with all her 9 Divine traits. Navratri greetings to you.

You are a true goddess to me, my gorgeous wife. May Devi Durga’s Mahagauri avatar bestow you with beauty and bless you with divine youthfulness. Happy Navratri, my darling.

It’s time to welcome Maa Durga at our doorstep and thank her for all the special gifts we received this year. Let’s make this Navratri a great one to remember!

We have defeated all the odds and never left each other. Let us be thankful to goddess Durga for giving us strength and patience. Happy Navratri!

Goddess Durga has blessed me with the most beautiful and kindhearted wife in the world. Happy Navratri my beautiful wife.

Happiest of Navratri my dear husband! I pray and hope you stay healthy.

I want you to know that I’m thinking of you on this special occasion of Navratri. I hope you are also thinking of me sometimes. Happy Navratri!

navratri wishes for husband or wife

With all my love, I pray to Maa Durga to bless you with nine avatars. This day reminds us of all the blessings in life, and you are one of them. Happy Navaratri.

I pray to Maa Durga that our love for each other becomes stronger and deeper with each passing day. I wish you a very happy Navratri, sweetheart.

I pray that Maa Durga watches over us and protects us from all of the difficulties of life so that we can enjoy and celebrate every Navratri together for the rest of our lives. Happy Navratri!

I can’t express in words how much you spending the Navratri with me means to me. Happy Navratri, my darling.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to Goddess Durga for giving me the opportunity to be married to you. Happy Navratri, my dearest wife.

On this glorious day of Navratri, my darling, I just wish that all your dreams come true.

Navratri Wishes for Girlfriend or Boyfriend

I wish you all the best and ask Mother Durga to shower you with lots of blessings that will keep you happy. May she showers you with good health.

I hope you get blessed with new opportunities and get the best out of them! In this Navratri, smile a little more than usual. Happy to have you in my life, dear.

My love for you has no limits this Navratri and every other day. Happy Navratri, handsome.

I’m so glad Maa Durga blessed me with such a beautiful girlfriend to spend the Navratri with. Happy Navratri, my love!

I’m very grateful to Maa Durga for sending you into my life. I cannot imagine my life without you, sweetheart. Have a blissful Navratri! I love you.

May all your tension get knocked off, and you achieve success in anything you sign up for with the blessing of Maa Durga. Happy Navratri!

navratri wishes

To my dearest boyfriend, all the happy moment of this Navratri reminds me of you. I want to share my smile and happiness only with you.

Wishing my girlfriend the happiest Navratri! I hope you’re showered with happiness. Maa Durga may bless you with wisdom.

I wish you a very warm Navratri, my boyfriend! I hope Goddess Durga helps you find success and prosperity in life. I love you dearly.

The joy of this beautiful occasion is incomplete without you. I’m thinking of you like the colors of nine nights take over the world. Happy Navratri dear!

Nine nights of a spiritual journey is much more elegant when you are with me. Let’s celebrate the victory of good over evil together this time!

This Navratri is very special for me because this is the first time we are celebrating it together. Let’s enjoy the moments and make some unforgettable memories!

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Navratri Greetings for Family and Relatives

Happiest of Navratri my dearest of family. Sending my best wishes.

Happy Navratri to each and every member of my family. I wish you have a wonderful time together. Let’s celebrate the arrival of Maa Durga on this earth!

Navaratri would be no fun without the gatherings of family. I wish my family and friends a happy Navratri. Thank you for being here.

I wish you a wonderful Navratri, sister! I hope you have a joyous day. May Goddess Durga bless our togetherness.

Happy Navratri brother! I hope you all find happiness and peace from the blessing of Goddess Durga.

Happy Navratri, my son/daughter! May Maa Durga provide you safety, comfort and blessings. I send my love to you.

If I could, I would bring all the smiles in the world for my family. Dear Maa Durga, please keep my family in your good book for good. Happy Navratri.

May Maa Durga make the precious bond between my family members stronger and make it eternal. May Navratri make this bond stronger like steel. Wishing everyone a happy Navratri.

May the strongest Maa Durga protect my family from wrongdoings and grant everyone’s wishes. May this Navratri bring sparkles of joy in everyone’s life.

I am so glad that you are all my family. Happy Navratri. I pray to Durga to keep us together and happy like this forever.

May the goddess of cosmic power bless you with all her perfect beatitude. Spread all your positivity among everyone. Happy Navratri.

Thank you for always giving everyone hope and genuinely making us happy! Happy Navratri. Enjoy this festive to your fullest and have fun.


I feel lucky to be raised in a family that is so religiously devoted to Hinduism. Navratri has always been a spectacular occasion for me. Wishing everyone a happy Navratri!

Navratri becomes much more than a holy occasion when someone has neighbors like you. Wishing my awesome neighbors a great Navratri this year!

You people taught me that devotion to one’s religion leads to greater joy. On this very special occasion, I want all my relatives to know that I’m lucky to have you!

Nothing in this world is more joyful than enjoying Navratri with family and relatives. May goddess Durga surrounds us with her blessings forever!

May the goddess Durga keep our family from the evil forces of this world. May she protect every one of us with her divine power! Happy Navratri to all.

1st Day of Navratri Wishes

Today is the first day of Navratri. I hope you celebrate this joyous occasion with your friends and family. Wishing you a lovely Navratri!

May the goddess Durga empower you with Her nine blessings and more from the first day of Navratri! A happy Navratri to you!

Happy Navratri! May the Goddess of the Mountains, Mata Shailputri, shower you with endless blessings and joy. Enjoy your Navratri on the first day.

Happy first day of Navratri! I pray your day is full of joy and delight and that it continues for the next eight days of Navratri as well, for you and your family.

I hope your first day of Navratri is going well and that your Navratri is filled with blessings!

Wishing you a very welcoming start to the Navratri. Happy 1st day of Navratri.

On this wonderful first day of Navratri, take my good wishes with care and love. Happy Navratri to you and your family.

May your Navratri start with happiness and may you spend your entire Navratri wonderfully surrounded by your loved ones. Happy Navratri.

I hope your Navratri goes along without a hitch. Happy 1st day of a joyous Navratri.

Navratri Greetings

With the blessings of Maa, I hope you achieve success in every phase of your life. A very Happy Navratri!

May Maa Durga give you the strength to tackle all the problems in your life. Happy Navaratri!

Remove the darkness within you and be happy! Brighten up everyone’s day with your beautiful smile on the holy occasion. Happy Navratri.

I wish everyone a great Navratri. I hope this festival brings everyone happiness and wealth in life.

I’m so glad I have a strong beloved to hold me this navratri’s holiday. Happy Navratri.


Life is better with you in it and so is this Navratri. Happy Navratri.

You make my Navratri a thousand times brighter. Happy Navratri to the love of my life.

May these nine auspicious days and nights of Navratri bless everyone with joy and peace.

May Maa Durga bless you with her 9 strong traits on this Navaratri and you prosper in life like a brightening star.

Getting to spend the Navratri with you is such a blessing for me. Happy Navratri brother/sister.

May your life become colorful with the colors of spirituality and religion. Enjoy every moment of these glorifying nine nights of Hinduism!

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Wishing you all the best this Navratri can offer. #HappyNavratri.

Wishing you all a very blessed and joyful Navratri, full of blessings and smiles.

May there be happiness and peace by our beloved Goddess Durga. Hope everyone cherishes Navratri!

May your Navrati be spent with family and friends and may your home be filled with laughter and lights. Happy Navratri.

Navratri is the perfect time to make memories with family! Happy Navratri.

Happy Navratri

I’m so glad that we are together this Navratri. Happy Navratri, my wife/husband.

Good luck on this Navratri. May prosperity be yours today and always. Happy Navratri.

Happy navratri. Take all my love, everyone. May this happiest of occasions bring smiles to all of your faces.

Take my good wishes for Navratri. May you all find peace and comfort.

I hope everyone gets all the prosperity in the world this navratri.

May you all spend your Navratri surrounded by people you love.

Wishing you very Happy Navaratri. May your devotion bring great colors in your life.

Funny Navratri Messages

There will always be bad people like you in this world. So, goddess Durga will keep coming back every year. Happy Navratri!

I pray and hope that Maa Durga presents you with a brain this Navratri because you obviously lack one.

The way you have changed dramatically in a span of a year, Maa Durga will get surprised to see your transformed look for sure, don’t you think so? Happy Navratri.

Navratri is incomplete without lighting up the lamps and making fun of you! Thank you for being my friend. Now that I have sent you this text, I really feel like it’s Navratri.

On this delightful Navratri, I hope you become more organized as a person and less worried about what others are thinking about you! Happy Navratri!

Eat as much sweet as you want in this Navratri but don’t forget to brush your teeth.

Enjoy this beautiful occasion with all your hearts. Have unlimited fun with family and friends. But don’t go off the limit. Because you don’t want to end up in police custody.

I know you have already started missing meats. Anyway, all the best wishes to you for the nine days of ‘Vegetation’!

The celebration of holy Navratri is incomplete without a friend like you to make fun of. Thanks for being my dumbest friend ever. Happy Navratri 2023!

Have a blessed Navratri. Do you think Maa Durga would not bestow her blessing on us because we were such naughty people this whole year?

Navrtari is a festival that celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura, therefore, it celebrates the victory of good over evil. Goodness and Kindness are the most powerful aspect of this world. So, spread kindness and goodness this Navratri by spreading love and well wishes to everyone you know and care about. Here you will find various different kinds of Navratri wishes. We have wishes for friends and family, loved ones like boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, etc. We also have wishes that you can send everyone wishing all of them together well on this special occasion of Navratri. Find the Navratri wish you would like to send your loved ones from the list and greet them with goodness in your heart and soul.