75 Prayers for Exams – Powerful and Encouraging

The exams are knocking at the door and the studies are going at a full pace. But what’s the one crucial thing that’s missing? Prayers! None of us can succeed without God’s blessings, and we must ask for his mercy before taking any exams. So, be it you, your friend, a child or a student who’s taking the exam, a short prayer before the exam is a must! It will calm the examinee’s mind and help them unleash their full potential.

Can’t find the right words to pray? Just go through the prayer for passing a test and exam prayer for students written in this post. You will also find prayers for children taking exams right on this page.

Prayers for Exams

Dear God, please allow me to use all my learnings in the upcoming exam.

Dear God, my trust in you is eternal, and I believe you will help me pass the exam.

“Lord, I have done my best. I now lay this exam and the result at the foot of the cross. Thank you that this is a place of grace, where I can find rest. Amen.”

Sending you all my prayers and good wishes for your upcoming exam. May your hard work be rewarded with good grades.

short prayer before exam

“It is my prayer that you will succeed in the forthcoming exam with unprecedented and unparallel results in Jesus’s name. May God watch over you and help you in every test of life.”

I know how brilliant you are. Just focus on the key points and stay calm. I wish you to be blessed with a good result.

May God be with you in your exam hall, and may you be able to answer every question perfectly. All my best wishes and prayers for the exam.

“Lord, thank you for being with me right now. Your love surpasses all fear. I give you the anxiety I feel, and I surrender all my worries to you. Clear my mind, calm my heart, still my spirit, and relax my being so that I may always glorify you in everything I write, speak, and do.”

I know how hard you have worked and prepared yourself for the upcoming exam. I believe in your abilities, and I believe God has something best for you. Good wishes!

Believe in yourself and your abilities. No matter how hard the question is, give your best. May God help you and make the exams easier for you all. My best wishes to you, dear students.

Don’t let this exam pressurize you, God will help you through it! Good luck.

“May the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit rest upon you to guide you on areas that are relevant to the forthcoming exam in Jesus’s name.”

May God soothe your nerves and allow you to achieve your desired results.

“Lord, you are beside me. Walk with me, calm my mind and reassure my heart that I have prepared well. Amen.”

God, I pray for your guidance during my exam. May I stay calm and succeed in the upcoming exam with a good grade.

prayer for exam success

“I’m praying for your great success in the exam. May landslide success be yours in this exam. May you be victorious all the way through your test. All the best.”

“Dear Lord, help me remember what I have learned and to do my best. Your loving presence surrounds me. Help me to trust that you will guide me. Amen!”

May God keep your mind calm and brain sharp during the exam.

Please help me through this exam, Lord, as you always do. I surrender my heart to you.

Dear God, I owe each of my successes to you. Please be by my side during this exam.

“May the Lord strengthen your hand in this exam and inspire you for unusual success. Smile, it shall be well. Good luck.”

“Calm my nerves and anxiety, help me to remember all that I have studied, to express it clearly, and answer the questions the very best I can.”

As you prepare for the exam, I wish you an outstanding performance. May you be the best of all. Best of luck!

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Powerful Prayer to Pass an Exam for a Friend

You are a caring friend who wants to wish good luck to his or her examinee friend but is lacking proper words for it. We understand you, and that’s why we offer exam success prayers and blessings for a friend you care about the most! These powerful prayers to pass an exam for a friend will be a great source of motivation for your buddy and help them ace the exam!

Lord, please help my friend with his anxiety and allow him to do well in the exam. Amen.

May you perform well in the exam and get closer to your success in life. God bless you!

You have prepared well for the exam and your part is done. The rest depends upon God’s wishes. So, don’t let any worries enter your mind and have complete trust in Him. He will show you the right path and guide you through the exam. My best wishes are with you.

“Dear friend, I know how much effort and preparation you have put in for this exam, I sincerely pray that every single effort will be crowned with success.”

I pray that God blesses you and that every success is yours. Best wishes for the exam.

May the greatest victories be written in your destiny and may you make us proud. Good luck with the exam!

Powerful Prayer to Pass an Exam for a Friend

“I have watched you pass one examination after another; it will be the same case for this very exam. I pray that God may richly bless you with a beautiful result.”

Don’t worry about the exam, just believe in God and pray to Him. He will make everything easy for you!

“To my best friend, the Lord is on your side, go in and crush every single exam question just like you have been practicing, I totally believe in you. Cheers to your success.”

God is the most merciful, and he won’t let your hard works go in vain. You’ll do great in the exam!

I believe in you and I believe that you are destined to achieve great things, my friend. You have put so much effort into your studies, and God would surely gift you with the sweetest results. So, stay calm and have faith in your mind. You’ll do just fine!

May He bless you with a good memory and a clear understanding of everything about the exam. Best of luck, my dear friend.

I pray that God blesses you with a clear mind, knowledge, and determination to pass the exam. Take a deep breath and give your best!

Prayer for Exam Success for Your Child

Exams aren’t only hard on the children, it can be nerve-wracking for the parents too! As a parent, you will only want the best for your child, and for you, we have some calming prayers for a child taking an exam. You can use these exam prayers from parents to motivate your child, or simply to pray to God for the exam to go well.

My lord, bless my child and ensure him a satisfactory result in his/her exams.

God is the best planner and I’m sure He has only the best things stored for you. Don’t stress over the exam, my child. I’m praying for your success.

God is your guardian and he will guide you through the exam. Good luck, my dear.

You are our creator and our only hope in life, Lord Almighty. Please help my child with his/her exam.

My son, may the Lord be with you, guiding you through every challenge and exam. You have never let me down, and I know you’ll make me proud this time, too. I pray for your eternal success.

I pray for your upcoming exam that you may be blessed with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to pass the exam. Best of luck with your upcoming exams, daughter.

I have seen how hard you have studied for the exams and I am already proud of you. May God favor you during the exams.

Prayer for Exam Success for Your Child

“Father, I thank you for the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding you have bestowed upon my child. In your infinite wisdom and love, I surrender them to you. Please send your spirit to calm and guide them as they take this exam. Grant them a peaceful and focused mind to write their exams successfully. I ask this in your mighty name. Amen.”

I pray to God that you reap the rewards of your labor and achieve great success in this exam. God bless you.

“Heavenly Father, we worship you for the gift of wisdom and honor you have blessed our kids with. Thank you for the lives of their instructors that you caused to help them to acquire this knowledge. Lord, we are full of gratitude today for all you’ve done in the lives of these young ones. We ask that you bless them with wisdom and strength to excel greatly in the exam. This we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Exam Prayer for Students by Teachers

Teachers can inspire students like none other can! A simple blessing from the teacher can push the students to give their best effort in the exam. If you are a teacher looking to encourage your students with a prayer, then go through our exam prayer for students by teachers and prayer for board exam takers.

May God crown your hard work with perfect grades! Good luck with the exam.

Dear God, help my students achieve the best results, because they too are your creations and your devotees.

“To all my dear students, always remember that the crown of success fits every head but only the head that prepares gets to wear it. May you wear the crown of success after these exams, amen.”

You can even perform miracles if God wants you to. So, have faith in Him and give your best shot. My blessings are with you.

As you prepare for the exam, may you have clear knowledge about everything and may you give your best in the exam. Best of luck, students.

Exam Prayer for Students by Teachers

My dear Lord, thank you for gifting me with knowledge. I pray that you give the same to my students.

“Keep blazing the trail. Keep leading. This exam is another opportunity to shine again. I trust you won’t disappoint. All the best.”

You are among my brightest students and I believe that success will be yours only. I’m praying for your success in the exam. May God bless you.

“In spite of the challenge, I am sure your preparation efforts and the favor of the Almighty will be sufficient to give you exam success. I’m praying for you, my dear student.”

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Prayer For Exam Success For Her/Him

My love, as you sit for the exam, may the blessings of the Lord shower upon you. Don’t be nervous, and don’t panic. Trust in Him and give your best in the exam.

May God’s blessing guide you in the exam hall. May God make the question easier for you, and may you excel in all the subjects. Best of luck, my dear.

I know your capabilities and believe you are the best. Just give your best and don’t stress yourself. I have been praying for your success. My best wishes for your exam, dear.

May God’s wisdom and guidance be the light for you as you sit for the exam. With God’s blessing and your hard work, you can achieve everything.

I have faith in you and know you’ll excel in the exam. God has seen your hard work and dedication and will surely bless you with the best result you deserve. Best of luck, love.

Bible Verses for Success in Exams

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” – Psalms 56:3

“Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.” – Matthew 6:33-34

“The Lord will work out his plans for my life—for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever.” – Psalm 138:8

“Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26

“My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” – Psalm 121:2

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Traditional Prayers for Exams

“Nothing beats a child of God fully prepared for an exam. Your exam success is assured, just go and do the needful. Be at your best for this exam.”

“Lord God, thank you for this opportunity to learn new skills and stretch my understanding. Thank you for guiding me through this time of study into the final exams. I lay before you all the hopes and fears I have about the outcome. May you place peace within me now as I rest and await the results. Thank you that I am safely held in your love. Thank you that whatever happens in the future I will live in your goodness and walk with you always.”

“Calm your nerves, my dear. I know exactly what you can do. I pray that you get the divine knowledge and understanding to tackle the questions.”

“Dear Lord, I pray, that I can pass the Examination. I pray that you will help me to overcome my weaknesses and Feelings. Give me the strength to achieve it! I Pray to Bless me always. I believe, that you are a Great and Loving God. Who help always those people who really need you. Forgive my mistakes.”

“I pray that you will be in perfect health and state of mind for this exam. With God on your side, your success is as sure as a brand new day.”

Traditional Prayers for Exams

“Loving God be with me now, as I prepare for my exams. Thank you for the many talents and gifts you have, given me and for the opportunity of an education. Calm my nerves and anxiety, help me to remember all that I have studied, express it clearly, and answer the questions the very best I can. Holy Spirit, sit with me in my exam – and always. – Sandhurst Youth Ministry”

“This exam shall be a success. You shall move to higher ground. You will not fall or fail. In the name of Jesus, Ameen.”

“Precious Father, I know You have a plan to give me a future. I know You hear me when I call. Please, Lord, I am calling on You now to help me get good grades on my upcoming exams. I need Your help to succeed. I know I cannot do it on my own. Please give me confidence and the peace of knowing that I can do well on my exams. Amen.”

“Never mind the distraction. Be focused on the success of the exams. Be resolute to achieve success. I’m sending my prayers and blessings your way.”

“Dear God, I know I don’t pray to you that often, or barely at all. But please keep me in your loving arms during this difficult time. I pray to you to banish the nervous feelings I have and help me remember what I have learned. Watch over me as I sleep, ensuring that nothing bad happens to me. I beg you to see me through this challenging time. Amen.”

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No matter how many exams you have taken in life, it never stops being stressful. The study loads can be overwhelming for students of any age, and only some heartfelt prayers can soothe a troubled mind. A prayer for exam success will not only help you achieve God’s guidance, but it would also strengthen your trust in God and put your mind at ease. So, if you or any of your dear ones are taking an exam, our prayers for exams can provide the examinee with a boost of encouragement and calmness. So, do read and share them!