200+ Thanksgiving Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Nothing beats a thankful heart and thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to let your heart speak for all the things that you are grateful for. Thanksgiving is a very special day where we get to be thankful to God and everyone else in our life for all the good things. Thanksgiving is a blessing in disguise. So, be thankful for everything and let sheer happiness take over your day. Count your blessings one by one and let the happiness and the positivity spread. Send some warm thanksgiving messages to everyone associated with you and let the love flow.

Thanksgiving Wishes

Happy Thanksgiving! May you have a blessed and joyous holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving Day! May you enjoy the day with your family and friends!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. May God keep blessing you and fulfill all your wishes and dreams.

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you a Thanksgiving full of love and happiness. I hope all the good things happen in your life.

Happy thanksgiving from my family to yours! May you all enjoy a memorable holiday with your near and dear ones.

Sending you my warm love and best wishes on this special day. Happy Thanksgiving Day πŸπŸ¦ƒπŸ‚

The season of counting blessings is here again, and my count of blessings wouldn’t be complete without you. Happy Thanksgiving, my beloved friends and family!

Praying that God may bless you with His mercy, grace, and love. May God bless you this Thanksgiving and always. Wishing you a blissful thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to the love of my life. May this occasion light up your life and fill it with joy as you did mine. I love you, my sweetheart!

Wishing you a day full of joy, surrounded by your dearest family and friends with tables full of delicious food! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

I wish you a happy Thanksgiving that is filled with God’s blessings. Don’t forget to express your gratitude to God for all the love he has given you on Thanksgiving. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

May you enjoy the feast and have lots of fun on this wonderful occasion. May you have a home filled with joy, laughter, freedom, and love. Happy Thanksgiving.

happy thanksgiving to you and your family

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, lovely people. May your days ahead be filled with good health and great memories.

Happy Thanksgiving and the warmest wishes to you all. I pray for each of you to have the best things in life.

Wish you a truly memorable Thanksgiving, accompanied by good company and delicious meals. Have a great holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving to my family and friends. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving πŸπŸ‚

I am forever grateful to have such an amazing friend like you. Happy Thanksgiving.

I am so lucky to spend this glorious day with you, love. I pray that we can spend every occasion of our life together.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you! May this special occasion bring your family closer and bless the bond of love! Have a cheerful holiday ahead!

Wish you have a blessed thanksgiving. May peace and prosperity follow you today and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! May you enjoy this wonderful occasion and have lots of fun throughout the whole year.

Happy Thanksgiving Image

Enjoy each and every moment of this wonderful day and be grateful to God for all the blessings. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

You came into my life with a thousand blessings. I always feel lucky to have such a beautiful person in my life. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving Day!

I am so deeply thankful for being surrounded by some amazing people like you throughout the year. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Wishing you a deliciously sweet Thanksgiving Day surrounded by the ones you love and the ones you cherish. May you have a grand holiday season!

Some friendships become more beautiful over time. Thank you for the color you add to my life! I wish you a heartfelt Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! We are grateful and delighted to be able to celebrate this wonderful occasion with you all!

Gratitude and appreciation double the blessings of life, so we are sincerely expressing our thankfulness to you! Happy Thanksgiving to you, dear!

Your presence is a delightful thing to have in life, and I am really grateful to have you around. Happy Thanksgiving πŸπŸ¦ƒ

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you! I wish you to be blessed with all the good of the world and enjoy the day with love and gratitude in your heart.

I’m thankful for Thanksgiving Day because it allows me to express my gratitude to you guys. I feel blessed to have you in my life. Happy Thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving message

We may not always be close to each other, but our hearts are always close, whether it be a New Year or Thanksgiving. Sending love and hugs for you!

I wish that God showers you and your family with peace, love, warmth, and joy. Have a joyous Thanksgiving!

On this Thanksgiving, we want to thank you all for your support throughout the year. You are the pride that we must show off! Wishing you a great holiday season!

Embrace the joy of Thanksgiving with a grateful heart because you’ve been blessed in more ways than you know. Happy Thanksgiving 2023!

Happy Thanksgiving Messages

Here comes another year of giving thanks for all the blessings we received. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating. I hope you have a great year ahead. Happy Thanksgiving.

On this festive of gratitude, I want to thank you for all the love, kindness and support you have ushered me throughout the years. Happy Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving, I am eternally grateful for having you as my partner. Your unwavering support, sheer loyalty, and unconditional love have made my life worth living. Happy Thanksgiving, my love!

May this Thanksgiving be filled with lots of love, sweetness, lights, and memories for you and your loved ones. Be thankful and spread gratitude among your family and others for this wonderful occasion! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to the most special person in my life. I am grateful I met you in my walk of life, and I want to use this opportunity to let you know that I pledge to stand by you forever. I love you.

thanksgiving message

May the warmth of this Thanksgiving season surround your life with favor like a shield. May you find happiness in everything and everything that makes you happy.

We need to be grateful every day to God for His blessings. Let’s take a moment to appreciate God’s mercy and love on this holiday. Happy Thanksgiving.

A true friend like you is a blessing in my life. As I count on my blessings this thanksgiving, I consider you as one of my greatest blessings. Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

May you have a great time with your loved ones during this Thanksgiving. May your times be filled with refreshing mornings and relaxing sunsets during this holiday season!

You have always sparked in me a desire to learn and grow, motivating me to think strategically about my life’s trajectory and improve myself. Your words have given me newfound confidence. Happy Thanksgiving dear teacher!

Celebrate this beautiful festive and be thankful for everything and everyone that brings you joy in your life. I hope you have a great thanksgiving. Happy turkey day!

May you find joy in abundance during this happy season of Thanksgiving. Wishing you a blissfully awesome harvest season this season. Happy Thanksgiving!

Once a year we get the chance to thank God, our family, our friends, and every little joy that comes each day. Let’s make this Thanksgiving an occasion that we will always remember! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a day to remember all the good things regardless of how small or large- they may be. Thank you for being a constant in my life. Happy Thanksgiving.

On this thanksgiving, I wish that all your blessings get multiplied this year and throughout your whole life. Have a great holiday, and happy thanksgiving 2023.

May you be blessed with the divine blessings of the Lord on Thanksgiving and have a great year ahead. May God be there for you, always and forever.

There have been times when I forgot to thank you for being there for me. I take this day to tell you how special you are and how great my life has become because of you. Have a memorable Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving Wishes for Friends

Dear friend, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I am thankful to you for all the little things you do for me. Have a blessed and happy holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your family! May the warmth of your heart and the kindness of your soul go a long way, my friend!

I have failed to tell you guys how much I am grateful for having you on so many occasions. But this time, I want to thank you all for always being there for me. Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to express my profound gratitude to you for being my friend. May we always remain together and continue making memories. Happy Thanksgiving πŸπŸ¦ƒ

May all the roughness of this year fade away, and may God reward you with an abundance of happiness. Happy Thanksgiving, friend.

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving, best friend. May you stumble upon the best things in life, all of which you deserve.

thanksgiving text messages to friend

Wishing my best friend a happy turkey-filled Thanksgiving celebration. As the year slowly runs out, endeavor to enjoy the remaining months of it with your family, basking in love for one another.

Happy Thanksgiving Day. You are so healthy and puffy that sometimes I wonder If you were a turkey πŸ˜‰ Have a great day!

Happy Thanksgiving, dear! On this meaningful day, I want to express my deepest gratitude and love to you for being not just a good companion, but an even better human being!

Buddy, you are the most generous and passionate person I know, and I pray that all your wishes come true one day. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Sending my heartfelt Thanksgiving wishes to the person who always gives me unconditional love. Happy Thanksgiving bestie!

Happy Thanksgiving, buddy. Our friendship is truly precious to me, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Happy Thanksgiving, my dear friend. I adore you and all the memories we have made together.

My friend, Happy Thanksgiving to you! May all your hard work bring color to your life and take you to the highest peak of success!

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Happy Thanksgiving My Love

Happy Thanksgiving to the love of my life. May God bless you with the same happiness that you bring me.

Counting my blessings this season, I realize that you are the greatest one! Thank you for standing by my side and filling my life with immense joy! Happy Thanksgiving!

I consider myself fortunate to have someone beautiful both inside and out in my life. A very happy Thanksgiving to you, my love! I cannot imagine what I would do without your love.

Happy Thanksgiving my love. Thank you for being such an inseparable part of me and a never-ending source of happiness.


Happy Thanksgiving, honey πŸπŸ¦ƒβ€οΈ I am truly thankful for all the hope and happiness you bring into my life.

Thanksgiving day is another scope to express my love and gratitude to you, my love. Thank you for being a big part of my small world. Happy thanksgiving day!

May all the good things come to you like waves rushing over and crashing on the shore. My best wishes for you on this Thanksgiving!

I want to spend another hundred Thanksgiving Days with you by my side. You are the greatest gift from God. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Today is the day to be grateful for all those things we feel blessed with. Among all the great people in my life, you are the one who is at the top of the list. Happy Thanksgiving, love.

Happy Thanksgiving to the person I am most grateful to have! You make my world shine, and I hope you find the same happiness that you bring to my life.

Thank you for being my best friend, soulmate, and best partner ever! Happy Thanksgiving 2023!

Being your lover means I’m a part of something so blissful, something so mesmerizing that just the simple thought of you makes me feel grateful to be alive. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, my love! Thank you for making every moment of my life so memorable and delightful! I wish to be with you all my life!

Happy Thanksgiving Day! You were there for me when I was lost, devastated, and sad. You brought the light into my life. I’m greatly thankful to you, dear.

I wouldn’t have been the person I am today without your love and support; thank you for existing! Have a joyous holiday, honey.

Thanksgiving Wishes for Him

Happy Thanksgiving to my beloved! My heart overflows with profound love, affection, and utmost respect for you. Thank you for always being you, and letting me be myself all the time!

I have a thousand things to be grateful for, but among them, the most precious one is you. Happy Thanksgiving, my love.

Thanksgiving is the time to reflect on our blessings and achievements. Thank you for blessing my life with your positive and happy spirit. I hope to contribute the same to your life. Happy Thanksgiving, my love!

I feel extremely grateful for all the blessings I have, a supportive family, a good career, and most importantly, YOU. On this Thanksgiving day, I want to thank you for being there for me.

Dear, you are the kindest soul I know and you deserve nothing but immense happiness in this world! Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

Happy Thanksgiving, sweetie. You are my queen, and I want you to have only the best things in life. May you spend a wonderful day surrounded by love and joy!

I am thankful to have someone like you in my life, who has made me a better man. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, baby!

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes for Colleagues

I cannot express how lucky I feel to have a compassionate, helpful, and understanding colleague like you! Have a happy Thanksgiving ahead!

Grateful to have you as an awesome colleague and friend! May your Thanksgiving be loaded with abundant joy, beloved company, and heartwarming memories. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, boss! Grateful for your guidance and support throughout the year.

Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving! Thank you for filling the workplace with energy and optimism.

Happy Thanksgiving to the colleague who always ensures I’ve got solutions to any problems I face. I am grateful to be in the presence of someone as amazing as you are.

I am so grateful to have teammates like you all. Amazingly, our team has always gets recognized for its outstanding teamwork and successes. I always look forward to the opportunity to work with the team in the future. Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving wishes to colleague

May the spirit of Thanksgiving fill your heart with gratitude and your day with pure bliss. Happy Thanksgiving Sir!

Today, I want to express my gratitude to God for bestowing me with the best coworker. Thank you for your constant support and appreciation. Happy and warm thanksgiving to you!

Enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday to the fullest. Eat delicious foods, spend time with your family and relatives and come over here to join my family if you can!

May you be bestowed upon with the best of everything and have the strength to surpass any obstacle. The Lord will lead your way. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

May you find peace in every corner of your home, and may your career be filled with success. Wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

It is my utmost pleasure to have you as my colleague, and I want to wish you and your family a magical Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving! The office would never have been so lively without you, and I hope to work with you for many more days.

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Thanksgiving Wishes for Family

Wishing my dearest family a Thanksgiving where laughter, gratitude, and the sweetest moments come in abundance.

Warm wishes for my family on this Thanksgiving day. May God bless my family in every possible way.

Having a family is one of the best blessings in life. Happy Thanksgiving to my most supportive family.

Words can’t express how thankful I am to have you as my family! Happy Thanksgiving to my family.

May this season of Thanksgiving bring peace and blessings to our home. May our year be fully loaded with enormous delights. Warmest wishes to our family on this Thanksgiving.

Being a family means you are part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what. Happy Thanksgiving!

To the man who made our childhood into a memory of laughter, love, and happiness! Happy Thanksgiving, Dad!

To the mom who fills our hearts with warmth and our bellies with delicious food, may your Thanksgiving be as beautiful as your love. Happy Thanksgiving, Mom!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to list our blessings, and having you as my brother is definitely one of them. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Wishes for Family

Happy thanksgiving to the people who make me thankful for being me. Sending you thoughts of good tidings and a great thanksgiving meal.

Warm wishes on this great occasion of thanksgiving. May Lord bless you in every aspect of your life and give you every ounce of happiness that you deserve.

You are the people who always made a difference in my life and who always helped me get through the toughest times. I am grateful to you this Thanksgiving!

You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping this day holds all the warmth, contentment, and love of a wonderful and happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

No occasion is complete without the family, but it is especially Thanksgiving that makes me feel lucky to have you, people. Enjoy the holiday!

Thank you so much, dear, for always being by my side like a sister/brother. You are the person with whom I can share all my happy and sad moments. You were always there to help me take care of myself. I hope that this Thanksgiving is the most memorable one for you!

You are a precious gift from God in my life. I am grateful and consider myself extremely fortunate to have you as a nephew! I pray and hope this Thanksgiving remains a memorable one for you, always!

Thanksgiving Wishes for Brother and Sister

Thanksgiving season brings up the memories of our happy childhood, so let us have a nostalgic week ahead. Happy Thanksgiving to you, my brother!

May God bless you on this Thanksgiving Day with all the happiness that your big heart can contain. Happy Thanksgiving, brother.

My brother, you have always loved me generously and taught me the ways of life. I am grateful to have a mentor like you in my life! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, my dear brother! You are a true gem of my life. May the bond of our love only strengthen with time!

You are the most wonderful brother on the planet. Thank you for everything, brother, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

May this thanksgiving bring more blessings in your life because an amazing sister like you deserve it. Happy Thanksgiving, my lovely sis.

God has blessed me with His uncountable blessings and one of them is you, my sister. Thank you for being the most supportive sister. Warm wishes to you on this day.

Wishing the most beautiful Thanksgiving to the best sister I could have ever asked for. I wish you contentment in life and a beautiful Thanksgiving celebration with friends and family.

I’ve been waiting for this day for so long to express my gratitude to you, my sister. You are the one who was always there for me no matter what. Wishing you a blessed and cheerful thanksgiving.

On this Thanksgiving, I’m sending you hugs and love. I consider myself fortunate to have you as a sister.

Thank you for being my life’s biggest support system, sister. Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Greetings for Parents

Thank you so much for always being there for me, mom. Happy Thanksgiving! I love you.

Mom, Happy Thanksgiving to you! Thank you for showering me with unconditional love and care throughout my life. May you be blessed every day!

Mother, no word is enough to express how grateful I am to you for everything you have done for my well-being! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Happy Thanksgiving to the most fabulous mom on Earth. Thank you for how strongly you have held this family together all through the years.

Thanksgiving Greetings for Mom

Mom, Happy Thanksgiving to you! Thank you for raising me into the person I am today. I pray for good health and happiness for you every day!

Thank you for giving birth to me; I feel blessed to have been allowed to be born as your child. On Thanksgiving, I’m sending you hugs and kisses.

You always understood me when no one else did. Thank you very much, Mom. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.

I want to take the opportunity to appreciate how blessed I am to have you in my life, Dad. Thank you for your boundless love, care, and support. I love you.

Sending you my warm wishes on this Thanksgiving day. Wishing all the happiness to my Dad on this Thanksgiving Day and every day on this earth.

Happy Thanksgiving to the coolest dad in the world. Among all my blessings, nothing can be compared to you. Have a blessed and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

On this special holiday, I want to thank you for giving me the best life. You never failed to fulfill my wishes and needs. Thank you, dad. Happy thanksgiving day.

You’ve always pushed me to work hard for my goals and desires. Thank you for having faith in me. I was able to achieve success because of you. Thank you, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving, dad.

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Thanksgiving Wishes for Wife

The love I have for you is unlimited and never-ending. I wish you a box of hope, joy, and happiness in this Thanksgiving Day!

To my loving wife who makes our house a home, adore it with love, happiness, and peace- Happy Thanksgiving!

There have been so many ups and downs in our relationship, but one thing remained constant from day one, and that’s your love for me. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving, my beautiful wife.

Thank you for giving me such an incredible life, my wife. I just want to hold your hand and express my gratitude for everything you’ve done. You entered my life like an angel, changing everything for the better!

Thanksgiving Wishes for Wife

I already feel blessed that I got to celebrate another thanksgiving with you, my dear. Today on this very special day, I want you to know that I am incredibly thankful for you being in my life. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving, my lovely wife.

Thanksgiving is a time to thank those who make our lives better. If I make a list of things for which I am grateful, you will always be on the top, my wife. You have made my life 100x times better.

I want to spend thousands of thanksgiving days with you, my dear. You are all I have ever dreamed of and you fulfilled all my dreams. No wonder why I keep calling you my dream girl. Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving!

I am thankful to have someone like you in my life, dear wife. I cherish every moment spent with you. I wish you a delightful Thanksgiving, love!

On this day, let me appreciate you for doing all the households ignoring your needs. May God shower you with everything you want today, and forever. Happy Thanksgiving, my dear wife.

I have been thanking God for the amazing relationship that I got to share with you. Thanks for bringing warmth and joy to my life. Happy Thanksgiving, dear.

Thanksgiving Wishes for Husband

My darling, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving day, and I sincerely pray that you never ever forget how much I love you and how grateful I am that you are in my life for good.

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the small joys in life, and you are my biggest joy. Happy Thanksgiving, Hubby!

Thanksgiving brings joy and warmth, just like your love. Thankful to spend this day with you, my beloved husband.

Any praise I do you would be less because all you have done for me has exceeded my expectations. Not only have I dreamed of having you, but you are also the husband that every woman wishes to have. Thanks for everything, sweetheart.

On this Thanksgiving, I want to thank you for all your effort and the hard work that you do every day for our family. You are truly an amazing life partner as well as an amazing father. Thank you, sweetheart, for loving us so much.

I never imagined that I would be so happy in my life after marrying you. Today I want to thank you for all the small gestures of love that made my day. You are a gem!

What a prestigious festive to express my utmost gratitude to God for bestowing me with a husband like you. You came into my life and changed it for the better. May this thanksgiving bring life to your dreams, and you prosper with every passing minute.

Life has put us through many turmoils, but it was you who made it worth fighting for. I don’t know what I would do without you. Happy thanksgiving to the king of my heart! I love you with every fiber in my body.

I am grateful to the lord for you every day, not only on Thanksgiving. Now, let’s dig into the scrumptious turkey we made together. Shall we?

Another thanksgiving to spend with a marvelous, kind-hearted, loving man I married. You are the best husband I could ever wish for. You have my heart, but don’t stand a chance of having my turkey leg!

Thanksgiving Messages for Business

We are thankful to get an opportunity to serve customers like you. We want to share our heartfelt wishes to you on this Thanksgiving day. Happy Thanksgiving.

Clients like you make my job easy and worth it. I hope you have a safe and great thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy your thanksgiving to the fullest.

We couldn’t have been in this place without you. Thank you so much. We have truly enjoyed serving you guys. Happy Thanksgiving.

A heart-warming thank you for the achievements and success you have brought to our company. Good fortunes are all we wish you in this season.

The true joy of Thanksgiving is seeing you happy and content at the end of the day. Thank you for always trusting us. Happy Thanksgiving!

Without you, our journey would never be this much enjoyable. Thank you for being an integral part of our business. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

We would never have come this far if it wasn’t for you. Our success is measured not by the profits we make but by the trust we gain. Happy Thanksgiving!

On this thanksgiving, I want to thank you guys so much. We have so much to be thankful for this year, especially having a loyal client like you. Thanks for being a part of the journey.

Thanksgiving Messages for Business

Thank you so much for trusting us; I wish you nothing but good luck for the upcoming year. Happy Thanksgiving! Have a safe and sound holiday.

A business isn’t managed by one individual but by everyone ready to put in the effort to make it successful. All of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

It is only because of all of you that we will be able to achieve all of our goals. Thanksgiving greetings for everyone!

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Religious Thanksgiving Message and Blessings

May your every day fills with God’s uncountable blessings, memorable moments, and happiness. Wishing you a blessed thanksgiving.

Let us thank God on this occasion of thanksgiving for always looking after us. May he bless us more in the upcoming years. Amen. Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to express gratitude to God for allowing us to live and for everything He has provided us with in life. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.

We should give thanks to God every day for everything He does for us every day. On this thanksgiving let us spend some time thanking and praising God for all His miracles! He will surely be kind enough to bless us more if we remain humble and grateful.

May this thanksgiving bring you good luck and prosperity. Let’s pray to God and thank him for the many blessings that he has bestowed upon us.

Religious Thanksgiving Message

Thanks to all the people who gathered around the table on this holy festival of thanksgiving. Let’s raise a toast to all the biblical sacrifices and be grateful to God. Amen.

Happy thanksgiving to everyone celebrating. Let us be thankful to God for creating us and allowing us to be the best of all kinds.

Wishing you the gift of blessing and faith in the hope of all the best things that are yet to come. Happy Thanksgiving, may Lord bless you.

Let us thank almighty for all of his temporal and spiritual blessings upon us on this Thanksgiving. May he continue to bless us throughout the year!

Thanksgiving is for praising God for all the good things he blessed us with throughout the year. Let us all extol him with music and song on this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Text Messages

I wish you joy, happiness, and peace. Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope you are having a great time! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Day! I wish you all the best on this day!

May your days ahead be as beautiful as the colors of autumn. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Thanks for bringing joy and hope to my life. Happy Thanksgiving Day, Love!

May the autumn breeze bring many festivities to your home and fill your heart with warmth. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! May the day be full of what its name implies, saying β€˜thanks’ and giving β€˜love’.

Sending warm wishes and gratitude your way! Happy Thanksgiving 2023!

Wishing you a delightful and happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!

Happy Thanksgiving Day! Embrace each other with gratitude and enjoy!

Thank you for being one of my blessings without whom I cannot imagine my life.

Happy Thanksgiving! May this holiday be full of joy, gratitude and fond memories.

Wishing you a warm autumn and a happy Thanksgiving! I am so fortunate to be sharing my life with you, handsome.

Friends like you make the world worth living. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

Thanksgiving Day Card Messages

Wishing you and your loved ones a great holiday. Happy Thanksgiving, have fun.

Happy holiday! I am grateful to be spending another Thanksgiving surrounded by your warm love.

I wish you a life filled with happiness and joy on this Thanksgiving Day.

Thanks for always supporting me when I was feeling low. I will forever be grateful to you.

Thanksgiving Day Card Messages

No matter how many blessings I get in life, you will always be the most special of them all. Happy Thanksgiving, love!

Happy Thanksgiving! My heartfelt gratitude for being with me forever!

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving! May your holiday be joyful and may happiness surround it, with good things on your table and those you love around it!

Thank you for choosing me and sticking by my side through every ups and downs. Wish you a happy Thanksgiving, my queen.

May the good things of life be yours in abundance not only at Thanksgiving but throughout the coming year.

Sending you a warm hug on Thanksgiving, dear brother/sister. May your day be stuffed with joy and gratitude!

Grateful hearts, joyful souls, and a place where love never ends. Happy Thanksgiving to my incredible family!

You soothe my heart and complete my life, what more could I ask for! Happy Thanksgiving and many hugs to you.

Wishing you a delightful Thanksgiving and praying for your well-being. May you stay happy and healthy in all phases of life.

Thank you for being my best friend. May you get turkey leg on Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving Quotes

“Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness and gratitude.” – Nigel Hamilton

“Thanksgiving Day is a good day to recommit our energies to giving thanks and just giving.” – Amy Grant

“As you sit down to enjoy your Thanksgiving day feast, remember all the people that are not as lucky, and be thankful for everything in our lives today. Happy Thanksgiving.”

Happy Thanksgiving Quotes

“He who thanks but with the lips Thanks but in part; the full, the true Thanksgiving Comes from the heart.” – J.A. Shedd

It’s a day like no other day. It’s a day to appreciate you for all those unpayable contributions that you made in my life. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

May God bless you on this Thanksgiving Day and fill your heart with love and happiness. I wish you have everything on this Thanksgiving Day and may God fulfill your wishes.

“Thanksgiving is a time to give, a time to love, and a time to reflect on the things that matter most in life.” – Danielle Duckery

I hope you know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Have a safe and great thanksgiving. May God bless you today and tomorrow.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

“Thanksgiving Day is a jewel, to set in the hearts of honest men; but be careful that you do not take the day, and leave out the gratitude.” – E.P. Powell

I do not wish you just because it is Thanksgiving Day, I wish you because people like you make worthy the Thanksgiving Day. Your goodness is treasured.

“To give thanks in solitude is enough. Thanksgiving has wings and goes where it must go. Your prayer knows much more about it than you do.” – Victor Hugo

“Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings, one by one, as each relative goes home.” – Melanie White

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” – William Arthur Ward

“Thanksgiving is nothing if not a glad and reverent lifting of the heart to God in honor and praise for His goodness.” – Robert Casper Lintner

“What I love about Thanksgiving is that it’s purely about getting together with friends or family and enjoying food. It’s really for everybody, and it doesn’t matter where you’re from.” – Daniel Humm

“Give thanks not just on Thanksgiving Day, but every day of your life. Appreciate and never take for granted all that you have.” – Catherine Pulsifer

“Thanksgiving is not just for expressing thanks for what you have. It is also a time to be grateful for what you are going to have. So have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!”

“For those of you who cannot be with family this Thanksgiving, please resist the urge to brag.” – Andy Borowitz

“Thanksgiving reminds us that no matter what befalls us in life, we can take the charred remnants and we can reconstruct a life unimaginably richer than that from which the shards and pieces fell.” – Craig D. Lounsbrough

Happy Thanksgiving Captions

Happy Thanksgiving. May God bless you and your family.

I pray to God to bless you with happiness and health. Wish you a happy Thanksgiving πŸπŸ¦ƒπŸ‚πŸŒ½

Happy thanksgiving day. Wishing my lovely family lots of blessings, happiness, and love.

Happy Thanksgiving to my near and dear ones! Hope you all have an amazing holiday season and be filled with positive vibes.

Wish you a fun start of the holiday season and a blissful year ahead. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving Captions

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I pray that you have a safe, joy-filled, and happy Thanksgiving holiday this year.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the day by counting blessings, spreading joy, and filling your stomach with the tastiest foods.

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving, my love. My heart could not be more thankful to you.

Wishing you a bundle of success, peace, and prosperity. Happy Thanksgiving πŸπŸ¦ƒπŸ‚

May God bless our family with the joy and closeness that we are enduring. Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish everyone a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving. It’s the season of giving thanks and expressing gratitude, so I want you to know that you’re one of the blessings in my life!

Happy Thanksgiving, bestie. May you harvest the happiness of life, the joy of a happy family. Wishing you good health, and good times!

I hope you spend a wonderful holiday full of laughter and joy. #HappyThanksgiving πŸπŸ¦ƒπŸ‚

Let us take a moment to thank those in our lives who made us feel grateful throughout this year. Wishing you a blissful Thanksgiving season!

Thanksgiving is the time of the year where the world gets to witness the Christian system and how we express our appreciation for God and others. It is a very special day, so roast a turkey, invite your friends and family, have a great time, and be thankful for their existence. Make this Thanksgiving holiday wonderful by being there for your friends and family. Let’s not hesitate to show gratitude to all the things and people who make our lives wonderful with these happy thanksgiving messages and quotes! Have a memorable Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Wishing you and your family a thanksgiving overflown with peace, love, and laughter. Have a safe holiday.