Pregnancy Wishes for Friend – Congratulations Messages

Expecting a baby is always fantastic. The mother is starting a miraculous journey for motherhood. When you find out that your friend is expecting a baby, you need to wish and congratulate her. Just saying congrats does not look nice at all. Wishing a positive happy message will inspire her. Here we have a unique compilation of sweet, inspirational, and religious pregnancy wishes for your best friend and friend. Read and find out which one fits perfectly for you.

Pregnancy Wishes for Friend

Congratulation to the mother and child. I cannot wait to hold and snuggle it! Love you tons.

Congratulations bestie. Warm wishes to you and your husband.

I am really excited to hear the news. Congratulations! Enjoy each moment to the fullest.

You, as a pure soul, deserve this beautiful gift from heaven. My congratulations, my friend. Sending my good wishes.

pregnancy wishes for friend

Congratulations on your pregnancy, my friend. I am so happy to hear your good news and send you my best wishes for such a precious journey.

Congratulations on this new journey of yours. May God bless you and your child, forever and always.

Dear, I am thrilled and excited about your baby. Please take good care of yourself. Best wishes.

Congratulations on your pregnancy dear friend! May this child brings all the happiness into your world.

Congratulations on one of the best celebrations of your life. May your baby and you stay healthy and strong. Sending my love and prayers.

It’s a blessing from the heavens. Best wishes to you and congratulations.

Hope you have a thrilling time now and after it arrives. Congratulations on your new team player.

Your pregnancy news has outbroken all my previous happiness meter. I am eagerly waiting to meet our beloved new member. Stay safe; stay healthy.

Wishing you and your family be showered with all the happiness of this world. Congratulations, my friend. We are so excited to meet your baby.

pregnancy wishes for best friend

Waiting for the day your baby cries with all its might. Wow! It must feel like a miracle, right? Congratulations!

God bless you! What a piece of great news to start the day. Here’s a toast to the beautiful mother and her stork. Wishing for safe and memorable delivery. Congratulations!

May your faith grows just like the little one inside your belly. God bless you two.

Nurture this life inside of you and get unlimited time of joy and worries for your lifetime. Best of luck.

Pregnancy Wishes For Best Friend

Congratulations from the bottom of my heart, bestie. I cannot wait to meet my goddaughter or godson, I will love him/her more than I love you.

There aren’t proper words in the dictionary that will be able to express how overjoyed I am right now. I cannot wait to meet little you soon.

My best friend, congratulations. For the next nine months, I dedicate my life to taking care of you, then dedicating the rest of my life to loving your baby.

Congratulations, my dearest best friend. With pregnancy, you are starting a new phase in your life; you may feel scared or nervous but know that you can do it. Good luck.

message for pregnant best friend

Best wishes to you friend. I am sorry if we stop hanging out now after you give birth, because now my new best friend is your child, and I am hanging out with him/her only.

Congratulations, bestie. I hope that the change isn’t too frightening for you; if it is, I am always here to help. I will be supporting you on your new journey.

Heartiest wishes on your pregnancy. I am so happy for you, but I am also so happy for myself; I cannot wait to pamper your kid; we will be the ultimate partner in crime.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. You are about to become a mom; My little best friend is going to become a mom. I cannot stop crying, I am so happy for you.

Congratulations Message for Pregnant Friend

I’m sure you’re so scared about the upcoming days; yes, it will be a little painful for your body but great joys for your mind. Good luck and congratulations.

Congratulations, my friend. You are the kindest and most caring person I know, you will make a wonderful, nurturing mother. Your baby is so lucky to have you.

Don’t be so nervous, alright? A new life is starting to grow inside you. Now you’re the seed; your baby is the tree. Congratulations, really happy for you.

Your baby is so lucky. Getting such a beautiful and lovely mother like you and also don’t forget to mention an aunt like me! Congratulations on your sweet moments.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Stay true to yourself and stay jolly. I hope God will ease all your hardships. God bless!

Messages for Mom to Be

I know for sure. You are loving and enjoying the moment right now. Try not to be tense, Ok? You’ll do just fine in the coming nine months. Congrats to you and your husband.

Congratulations, my friend. I hope you and your baby always stay healthy and well. Do take care of yourself during this time; Eat and rest well.

I believe your daughter will be like a doll. Amazing, beautiful and lovely, just like her mom. I can’t wait to meet her. Congratulations mate!

Best wishes to your womb creature. Take care of yourself and the life growing inside you. May God bless you. I wish you the best of health and a happy pregnancy.

I just cannot wait for your little man to raise havoc on the delivery day. But I know you’ll manage to cope up. Congratulations my dear friend.

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Religious Pregnancy Messages for Friend

Your pregnancy proves that God really loves you. Because you have been selected for one of the greatest roles in this entire universe and that is “Motherhood”. God bless you and your unborn.

God has so much to offer. He likes to send his blessings from above us. You are witnessing one of them. Congratulations.

God is entrusting you with a great and amazing gift. Wish he will guide you through this fantastic nine months journey. Congratulations and warm wishes.

Children are the most beautiful gift from God, so enjoy this wonderful experience. Hope He guides you in every sphere.

Congratulations to the new family addition. Praying for God to look after your child in every step of life.

wishes for pregnant friend

Always be grateful to God for this amazing blessing. Never forget to say your prayers to Lord. May He bless your child with all the happiness.

I am extremely happy and saying my prayers for your upcoming baby. Please stay extra cautious and seek wisdom from our Lord. May he always guides you.

No wonder the Lord performs miracles now and then, and your baby is one of them. Take extra care of yourself and stay happy. Congrats, dear

May your child gets all the favors and happiness God has in store for it. Read the Bible regularly. Stay safe.

Now I believe God knows better. He sent you a baby just to prove that there is no other person better than you to become a mother. Congratulations.

Congrats! I’m so much excited about your pregnancy news. I’m expecting that my careless friend will be the most caring mother. I pray to God to make sure the good health of the baby in your womb.

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Funny Pregnancy Wishes for Friend

Congrats on your pregnancy. Do not be scared, and stop wondering what to expect! Trouble is coming on your way.

Stop worrying about your weight and feed your baby fetus well. Diet is canceled for you this year, honey.

Soon to be parents, wishing you all the best for all the hardship you are about to go through.

To pee or not to pee- that is not the question; just pee yourself and don’t feel embarrassed. Happy pregnancy.

As you are carrying a human inside of you- now you have two brains. Ask your husband to beware of this!

Religious Pregnancy Wishes for Friend

Enjoy this surreal environment where everyone treats you so well because this will exist for 10 months only.

Say goodbye to parties, shopping, weekend outings, and your freedom. It’s the time of being fat, changing diapers and giving up your favorite fast food. Welcome to the unglamorous world of pregnancy.

This is not fair at all. First had to spend money on your wedding gift, now on with the baby kit! Anyway, congratulations. I’m really happy for you.

I was thinking about something! Your tummy is going to get bigger day by day! But you don’t want to be fat! Haha! Excited to meet you! Happy wishes.

Come to think of it. Your husband will now get a rival alright. Wonder how he feels right at this moment. Just kidding. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Why not go on hibernating for nine months straight? I bet you will not get any sleep for the next four years. Congratulations and warm wishes on this development.

Well, at least you have something to blame your weight gain on. Now you need to eat meals for two at the same time. What a pity! Congratulations mate!

It’s not a matter that you’re pregnant. The matter is that I’m going to be a cool Aunty! Let’s celebrate. Congratulation on getting pregnant.

Just take over the new job for which you have already been nominated. You can enroll your husband as a personal secretary 24/7 and also can enslave him. That’s the charm of being pregnant. Congrats!

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Wishing your friend on her pregnancy is your duty. Doing it in an attractive way is important. Sending your blessings to the expecting mother can always give her peace of mind. We tried to compile some unique messages for you. Try to delight the couple expecting a baby and always do it differently. Make them feel ecstasy about their pregnancy. A long journey awaits. Try to be conversational in this case. Try to be a little funny while inspiring her. This will make her feel relaxed.